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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


6. Phone calls and cheaters...


Part 6 –


*Sunday 15, 11am, in the big brother house. Lines open for 1 more hour*


I'll be devasted if my light get turns off. Theres only an hour left to vote! I think Lisa might get turned off first sice shes been a little quiet but i definatly think it could be one of us girls, since everyone will vote for the boys. They've got tonnes of girls voting for them!

I had to be careful what i said now, and what i did. The cameras were on every Sunday so i had to keep myself from pouncing on Niall.

I was making bacon sandwiches for everyone as it was nearly dinner. Niall was sat waiting for me with his knife in one hand and his fork in the other. I saw Zayn stood outside smoking, naughty habits! Im glad hes trying to stop though, and its his first one since he got here so i can't complain. Italia was sat next to him with Harry, Paige, Louis and Alicia. Lisa and Liam were still asleep. Lazy!



Thats it. The votes are closed and in about 3 hours one light was going to be turned off. I decided to go talk to Big Brother or 'The Voice'.

'Hello Harry.' it said.

'Hi' i said werily.

'Have you decided who you want to have the plesure of a phone call home?'

'Well, the others dont know who to choose, so they've let me. But i dont know!' i said and held the bridge of my nose.

'I need five peoples names Harry' it rushed me.

'I know i know! Okay, erm, Louis, Chelsea, Itahlia, Zayn and Alicia? I cant go back out there now! They'll attack me! Cant i just sleep in here!?' i screamed but the man dressed in black led me out of the room. I went to the bedroom and slept for a little bit to clear my mind.



'Housemates, you are all to come to the lounge in 10 minutes. I was already sat with Paige, Louis, Liam, Lisa, Zayn and Itahlia. Harry was asleep so Paige went to wake him and Chelsea and Niall came in from the pool. Paige came in without Harry as he was getting changed and as the voice spoke, he walked in placing himself right in the corner of the room, biting his lip nervously.

'Whats wrong?' i whispered as 'Nobody' spoke.

'Nothing' he answered and went back to chewing on his lip.

'Housemates. Yesterday, you completed your second challenge. You answered all five of the questions correctly and got phone calls home. However, while the boys were sat in the Diary Room, they had to decide which five of you got phone calls home.' the voice informed us.

'Wait, i thought we could all get one!' i said confused.

'So did we, but we didnt know who to choose so left it down to Harry' Louis explained.

'Thats right Louis, and Harry chose you Louis, Alicia, Chelsea, Itahlia and Zayn. If you five could go to the Diary room as soon as called, we will give you 3 minutes on the phone. Zayn your first, please go to the Diary Room.' the voice said calmly and i sighed with relief. Zayn skipped off to the room and thanked Harry as he walked past.

'Thanks dude' Louis said and me, Chsea and Itahlia hugged him. The three of us then skipped off to the bedroom to chat while Louis went outside with Niall and Liam. That left Paige and Lisa with Harry in the lounge still. Paige was close to tears when i left and i knew how much she missed her dad. She hadnt seen or heard from him in almost 7 months and she just wanted to make sure he was okay as he was in Spain on a job. He was an important business man and was away for 2 years. I knew how much she just wanted to hear his sweet and soothing voice...



'Im just going to go take a shower' i said and walked off while a silent tear ran down my face. I locked the door so no one could enter and washed my haif and body quickly.

When i was out and dressed, Harry was sat outside of the bathroom messing with his curls. They were so darn cute! Louis had just gone into the diary room as Zayn was coming out, drying tears trying to be manly.

'Oh hi' i said as i walked towards the bathroom. I wasnt exactly being fair on him as he didnt know the whole story about my dad.

'Look, Chelsea told me about why you wanted to have that phone call' oh maybe he did know.

'Oh...' i said and entered the door. Chelsea, Itahlia and Alicia were still sat on the bed gossiping about what their familys might say.

'You okay now?' Chelsea asked politely when i walked in. I gave her a hug and let a few tears escape from my puffy eyes, before drying them secretly and pulled away. I nodded and sniffed a little. Itahlia and Alicia smiled at me and they gave me the 'Everything will be okay' look. I didnt believe them. I had the feeling in my gut that something had happened to him and i really just wanted to know if he was okay. The thought of it made me burst into tears nd i ran out of the room and into the garden, plonking myself on a chair and burying my face in my knees. I forgot Liam and Niall were outside, and then came Louis, back from his phone call. Liam was trying to get me to talk and when Lou came out he seemed worried which was unexpected, as i knew he and Alicia had a little bit of a flirty thing going on. Niall left as he was making things worst and he couldnt think of anything to do which would make me smile. Liam went to talk to Harry about it which left me and Louis alone in the garden.



Ive had this thing, where i cant decided who i like better. I mean, Alicias gorgeous and amazing, but Paige is gorgeous and amazing too. Now i cant decide which is my perfect girl. I know Harry likes Paige, but sometimes so do other people, and Zayn had told me that as soon as he saw Alicia, he was stunned until he got to know Itahlia a little better. Alicia was in the diary room on the phone as i saw Itahlia and Chelsea walk past the garden door.

'Come on, whats wrong?' I was trying to pursuade Paige to tell me what was wrong, and after the 7th try, she finally gave in and explained the whole story. She then sobbed into my chest for a few minutes while i comforted her.

'Oh, im so sorry!' i said and lifted her head from my shoulder.

'Why are you appologising?' she asked and i shrugged.

'I dont know? But listen, everything will be okay! Im sure as soon as you get out of here, he'll be there waiting for you!' i said and she cryed into my shirt a little more.

'Look, im just glad the cameras have been turned off!' i said. She gave me a puzzeled look.

'Why?' she said raising an eyebrow.

'Cause' then i wouldnt be able to do this without the fans going crazy!' i said and winked then leaned over to kiss her. I brushed my lips against hers and a few sparks turned on in my head, not many, but a few colourful ones.



'LOUIS!!!' i shouted across the pool. I couldnt believe what i was seeing.

He quickly disconnected from the kiss he and Paige were sharing and looked over at me, his mouth open wide, trying to find words in his head. I marched over to him and threw him a 'WTF MAN!' look.

'Im sorry! She was crying!!' he trying to find the perfect explanation.

'What the hell! You know i like her, and what about Alicia!?' i screemed and she had walked out when she heard her name, to find Louis' arms round Paige still. He quickly moved it when he saw her.

'Louis!' she screemed and ran off in tears, locking herself in the bathroom. I followed and knocked.

'Its me, let me in?' i asked and she recognised my husky voice. She dragged me in and locked the door again. I gave her a hug and we sat on the floor with our back against the wall talking about them.

'Hes a prick.' i said. I didnt mean it, as he was my bestfriend, but i was angry.

'Yeah, shes a slag!' she also didnt mean it as i saw her lies through her eyes.

'I really liked her.' i said and felt a wet tear roll down my cheek.

'Yeah, you know, shes my best friend, and im not sure if she did it on purpose. I could tell by the way that he pulled away first and started to apologise. Clearly Louis kissed her, and she just did it to please him.' she asumed sighing. I realise with every word she was getting closer and i felt her warm brethe near my face. She leaned over to kiss me, but i couldnt do it. I wasnt going to get revenge and wasnt planning to anyway.

'Im sorry, but no, im not going to stoop down to that level.' i said before ulocking the door, and heading over to the empty bedroom. Alicia was still in the bathroom, Paige and Louis were outside, Chelsea was in the diary room, and everyone else was eating as it was lunch. I skipped the sandwhiches Niall made as he always forgot to cut the crusts off for me. It annoyed me so i crawled up in bed with the covers over my head and sulked, not talking to anyone for the rest of that day.

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