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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


18. Party...!


Part 18 –



'Lisa, please come to the Diary Room!' a voice echoed through the house so i walked over to the door. I was pretty confused but sat on the throney chair thing and got myself comfortable.



'Alicia, shes gone in! Get the presents! Harry and Paige go get the food out of the store rooma nd Niall you put all the ballons around. Chelsea you help Niall and Louis you get the music ready, Alicia you stay near the lights for when she comes out and Zayn and Itahlia put everything else out. Ill get the hats and stuff. Go!!' i ordered and everyone rushed around crazy. The food had already been prepared and Paige and Harry layed it all out onthe kitchen counter. I helped as my job was little as well as Alicia. Niall kept popping balloons so Zayn blew up some more while Chelsea helped dot them around. All of us had a hat on and a party popper for when she came out. There was a cute cake with carrots, mirrors, an irish flag, cats and a spoon on it, with 10 forks layed out next to it. It was so cute and the fact that me and the boys had spent most of the night decorating it was special.

Suddenly, a little buzzer went off to say she'd almost finished and we all hid in random places. I ducked down behind the couch with Zayn while Alicia hid near the lights and when everyone was ready she flicked them off and the room was filled with darkness. The garden lights shone through the ceiling to floor windows and the pool reflected the garden, giving it a beautiful effect. There was a cute pile of presents from us each in the corner, mine perched on the top in a gift wrapped bag. It looked really nice and i couldnt wait to see her face!



'So Lisa, Happy Birthday!' the voice said a litle more excited than normal, which pleased me.

'Thanks Big Brother!' i said kindly.

'So, we thought wed give you a little birtday suprise, so here you go...' it said and another room entered the room.

'Hello?' it said and i recognised it imediatly!

'Mum!' i shouted and the voice on the other end of the line laughed. Yeah, it was my mum!

'Aww, Happy Birthday sweetie!' she said and i felt tears of joy roll down my cheeks. I wiped them and thanked her. 'Thanks mum, is everyone else okay!?' i asked and we sat and chatted for i while. She said my sister, who i was twins with, was disapointed about not being able to spend our birthday as we normally would together, but she wished me happy birthday too. I was crying most of the way through as id missed her so much and just hearing her voice was amazayn! I was on the phone to her for about 20 minutes which was unusual, but when she said she had to go, i respected that as i knew she was busy with work and with my 3 other siblings. Me and Sophie, my twin, always used to help out around the house and look after Maria, Pheobe and Jenn, my three other younger sisters. We were an all girl house, as mum and dad had split up when me and Sophie had arrived. It made me feel unwanted and unloved, but i dealt with it and whwn i met Chelsea, Paige, Alicia and Itahlia, they helped with mt confidence and it was really nice of them.

'I must go now darling, Maria needs feeding and Sophies not really helping. I gave her the day off. I love you, and have fun!' she said and the call ended.

I sat in quiet for a while.

'I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday Lisa, you can go now. Thanks' the voice, said breaking the silence.

'Thanks Big Brother!' i said and walked out of the room.

The lounge was dark, and i looked around, puzzled. The lights flashed on all of a sudden and ten figures popped up.

'SUPRISE!!' They all said in sync and i jumped out of my skin. Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Itahlia, Chelsea, Paige and Alicia all had planned me a suprise party! Aww!

'Happy Birthday gorgeous!!' Liam said his kissed my lips. He tasted of icing and cream, so i sensed cake!

'You guys did all this for me!?' i said. I was a little suprised as id only known the boys just over two weeks and they were already throwing me a party? It was soo sweet!

'Oh corse we did!!' Paige stepped in and i hugged her tightly. The others joined in a nd created a huge group hug. 

'Thanks guys!! Best birtday ever!' i said with a smile, but Itahlias face dropped.

I thought your best birthday was when we burnt your cake so chucked it out of the window and it landed on your dads head!?' she said and we all started laughing.

'Presents!' Harry said and he ran over to the pile of presents in the corner. There was a huge thin box like present labeled from everyone proped up against the wall, and a few others piled up. I went for the biggest one first.

'Thats from all of us, it was my idea!!' Paige shouted and helped me move it forward. 

I ripped off the wrapping paper and revealed a big photo of all of us that had been taken right at the begining of the show. 'Aww, thanks guys!!' i said and hugged them all.

'Open this one next!' Harry said excitedly and chucked a soft pillow type of thing wrapped in colourful wrapping paper at me. It had a label, saying the words 'You know you do, love Harry and Lou!x'.

I took off the wrapping paper and saw a purple hoddie. When i unfolded it, i saw the words 'I heart Larry!' plastered on the front and i laughed when i read the fancy writing.

'Thanks boys!' i said and hugged them both again.

There were a few other presents. Zayn got me a mirror, Niall gave me a card with a £30 gift voucher for Nandos in it, Paige got me a new dress and Alicia bought me three new pairs of shoes. Chelsea got me a load of new CDs and Films and Itahlia got me some new earings, a new ring and a few braclets. I left Liams present till last and when i opened the cute little sparkly bag, it reveled a small box. I lifted the lid and found a shiny new diamond necklace. There was a second box in the bag that, in it, i saw a second necklace. This one had a heart shapped locket and a picture of me and Liam that had been cut from the canvas photo. On the back, words were engraved.

'My love, my heart, is breathing for this; all my love, Liam.x' i read aloud and a tear fell down my cheek. Liam wiped it off and kissed my forehead.

'Happy Birthday' he whispered in my ear and i kissed his cheek. This was literally the perfect birthday!

'Stop being so cheesy! Lets party!' Louis shouted and chucked a pillow at us. Then he flicked a switch on a remote and music filled the room. All of us danced and made fools of ourselfs all night and it was just Brilliam!

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