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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


8. Obstacle Course...


Part 8 –


*Monday 16th 4pm, in the big brother house*


Harry still isnt talkin to anyone and he hasnt left the bedroom for hours! He hasnt eaten either so im slightly worried! What if hes starving himself?! I had to go talk to him...

I went in with a sandwhich, that was my excuse. I walked over and tapped his shoulder. He turned over and seemed disapointed to see me. When he realised who it was, he turned back over and buried his back in the duvet. I saw that his eyes were red and puffy and he had tissues where his head was scattered everywhere. He must have really loved me.

'Harry please talk to me!' i screemed and he just ignored my company.

'Well, im sorry Harry, whatever!' i said angrily and ran off, slamming the door behind me. The Diary room was free so i ran inside and burst into tears on the comfy chair.

'Whats wrong Paige? Why have you come to Big Brother?' nobody asked. Id given up on calling it the voice so named it nobody.

'I messed up!' i said still crying.

'Why?' it asked again.

'I kissed Louis, and now Harry's mad at me!' i shouted and i was just glad the room was soundproof.

'Oh dear, well your not going to enjoy the next challenge much are you?' nobody said and i looked confused around.

'Why, what is it?!' i said in disbelief.

'You'll have to wait, im about the tell the others too'

Nobody said and the black dressed man dismissed me. Did he even have a name?!

Harry had been pulled out of the bedroom by Niall to hear the challenge. He scoweled when he saw me and i went to sit alone on the floor against a couch.

'Hello housemates. Now that your all here, i can tell you your third challenge. You must all pair up, boys with girls. When youve all done that, in an hour, you will be aloud back to the garden, and there will be a course set up for you, which you and your partner will be able to complete. However, you must do thiss while completly tied together. Have Fun!' nobody said and imediatly Zayn Liam and Niall grabbed Itahlia, Lisa and Chelsea. Chelseas scores were going to be counted for this challenge as she was the only one out. Louis grabbed Alicia which ment i was stuck with Harry. It also ment i could talk to him a little more or at least without him blanking me. He sighed and walked back into the bedroom.



I felt bad making Harry team up with Paige, but Alicia told me it would give them a chance to talk so it would be better if they did. I agreed and went over to the diary room, to talk with Big Brother before the task.

'Louis, why have you come here?' nobody asked.

'I was just wondering, if it made me a bad friend since i made Harry and Paige team up?' i replied and picked at my top which had a little thread lose near the bottom.

'No, if anything, i think it makes you a good friend cause your helping him, sort of? Big Brother is no good at things like this, but while your here, can you taks the five outfits that are on the side next to you and start getting yourselves ready?' it said and i took the costumes while the man in black opened the door for me. As i stepped out, i threw a yellow one at Zayn and Itahlia, the blue one at Liam and Lisa. I put the green one over Nialls head ans left the red one for myself while give Harry the pleasure of the pink one. It was like a jumpsuit, made for two people so that when it was zipped up, you were so close you could feel each others heart beats! Me and Alicia struggled to pull it on and we fell a few times, but laughed it off and did it eventually, hopping over to garden slowly. The rest were already out there except Liam and Lisa who were still onthe floor trying to get in. Zayn and Itahlia jumped over to them and zipped them up, so we were all ready.

We could see that it was a big blow up obstacle course. The first obstacle was a set of three jumps followed by a thin gap between two walls. Then there was a small thing we had to duck under, a set of stairs and a small climbing frame type thing. We were told that we had to be the first to make it there, retrieve the item from the end and go back.

'1,2,3-' the voice started.

'FLICK!' Liam shouted before the whistle went which made everyone laugh.




We hopped over the the jumps and completed them in a few minutes. We were in second place behind Niall and Chelsea and Louis and Alicia were close behind. I decided to not think about the icident and get it over and don with. Thinking like that helped us the whole way. We flew through the gap easily and were in the lead when we'd finished the stairs. The climbinf wall thing was a lite tricky but I climbed with my hands while Paige did the legs. Our item was a rose so i just held it between my teeth. We didnt speak for the whole thing but ended up finishing in a photo finish with Zayn and Itahlia. Niall was still rolling around with Chelsea at the first obstacle while Liam and Lisa were falling down the stairs constantly. Louis and Alicia were only one obstacle from finishing first. Their item had been a carrot and Zayns was a mirror, that he loved! Liam screemed when he finally reached his item, a spoon! Lisa laughed and took it for them. Niall and Chelsea item was a little irish flag and it was almodt 30 minutes when theyd finished. Md and Paige didnt talk for the whole time and i was glad to get out of there!

The only problem with winning, was the prize...

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