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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


2. Nialls challenges...


Part 2 –



Liam is absolutly gorgeous! Had to be said. I really hope we get to know each other better and who knows, more! It was pretty late, and everyone was in the lounge partying to music. I was sat in the bedroom with Alicia and Paige talking about the lads.

'So Lisa, you like Liam?' Alicia asked.

'Who wouldnt, hes gorgeous and hes so lovely!!' i laughed.

'Well Alicia, you cant really talk, you and Louis seem to be getting on too! He looks like he really fancies you!' Paige said in Alicias direction.

'And what about you and Harry! Hes taken a liking to you too!' she screemed and we all giggled.

'And look whos here now!' Alicia said as Liam walked in.

'What did i do?' he asked looking nervous.

'Nothing!' I said reasuring him that he was perfect.

'Okay then! What you all doing in here then? The partys out there and Harry and Louis are pretty drunk so you might get to see abit of him Alicia' he said with a wink, and Alicias face lit up as she ran out to join the others.

'I'll leave you two together then' Chelsea said smiling and she followed Alicia.



'So, thought you'd be out there? Whats wrong?' i asked Lisa.

'Nothing, just a little tired.' she replied.

'Oh, go to sleep then, ill turn the music down out there for you?' i said nicely and let her get into bed before i turned to light off for her. Before leaving, i kissed her forehead and left. I heard her sqeak a little and laugh to herself. I went back to other others to see havoc!



While Alicia, Paige and Lisa had been in the bedroom, me and Chelsea had gone to the bathroom to talk as it was the only place that was quiet.

'So, who you thinks going to win?' i asked whilst sipping my drink.

'Probably one of the lads, cause their more popular over the world, but to be completly honest, i think Lisas going to get her light switched off first. Shes being a little quiet and i dont know why? Shes normally really loud!' she said.

'Yeah, maybe, im not sure, but she is a little quiet latley, ever since Friday before the holidays at school?' i replied suspiciously.

'Nothing happened though, did it? Her and Luke were alright then wernt they?' she asked and i nodded twice. Luke was Lisas boyfriend. They'd been going out about a month already and Friday was their one month aniversery.

'Ill ask her tomorrow when shes got some rest?' she suggested and we walked back to the lounge.



We came out of the bedroom to see Harry and Louis dancing on the table! They were clearly too drunk and Niall was asleep on the couch while Zayn was poking his face and laughing in hysterics! Chelsea and Itahlia were rooting through the cuboards but found nothing and Liam had just come out after us. The nine of us were partying till about 2am before staggering to bed.

'Alicia?' i heard as i was drifting to sleep.

'Yeah?' i said sleepily. Me and Louis were the only ones awake. He had his arms around me and his body was warm.

'Are you a crazed fan that only came here so you could meet us?' Louis asked. I couldnt see his face as the darkness that surroundes us had covered it, but his voice was shakey.

'Well, at first we entered because we were determined to come on the show, and you being on it made it even better! But spending tonight with you has changed me, and now i think your just amazing, not just for your gorgeous voice and your bonus looks, but for your cute personality too!' i said turning over to face him. I could feel his warm breath against my nose and he seemed to be getting closer. Suddenly i felt his lips on mine, and fireworks went off in my head. Louis Tomlinson, from One Direction, from the biggest boyband in Britain, just kissed little old me?! Ahhhhh!!!! Now im fangirling mentally inside...!


*Tuesday 10th, 9am, in the big brother house*


Itahlia. Her names just as gorgeous as she is! You know some people say love at first sight is impossible? Well its not, as Zayn Malik has just proved it wrong. I had fallen in love with an angel... 'NIALL TO THE DIARY ROOM' a voice came from no where as Niall skipped off to the 'Diary Room' which was really just a room under the stairs.



'So Niall, hows your morning?' a random voice said to me.

The room i was sat in was pretty bland with a comfy black throne-like-chair sat in the middle of it.

'Fine thanks!' i replied cheerfully. It felt weird talking to a voice, but i made myself comfy on the chair.

'So Niall, i hear you love food?' Nobody said.

'Food! Where?! Oh? Yeah! I love food!!' i shouted excitedly, however the room was sound proof.

'Good, then i supose you wont mind doing a task to win it would you?' Nobody said again.

'Sure? So long as i can win it!' i joked.

'Okay then. As you see there is an ear peice on the table next to you, right?' I hadnt noticed the little table next to the chair.

'Yes?' i said picking it up and taking it out of the box.

'Put that in your ear' i did as 'Nobody' said and the voice transfered to the ear peice.

'Niall, can you hear me?'

'Yeahhh buddy!'

'Good, now, you must do everything i say. There will be 15 instructions and you must follow them all in order to fill your cuboards and fridge with food. Fail to do so and you'll suffer the consequences...' the voice said before the door was pulled open for me by a man in black who smiled at meas i walked off. My hair covered a little bit of it, but it wasnt too noticable.

'Niall, your first task if to go ask Chelsea if she fancies Harry' the voice in my ear ordered. I sighed and walked over to Chelsea slowly. I really liked her and asking if she liked Harry was a little weird.

'Niall! Heyy!' she shouted as i walked over to the couch and slumped down on it next to her. Zayn and some of the others were sat outside while the rest were walking around gormlasly.

'Hey, you and Harry seem to be getting on, do you like him?' i said winking and playfully hitting her arm so it looked like i was joking, but her face dropped and she went serious.

'No! Hes a great friend but i would dream of it! I know Paige likes him! Why would you think that?' she said with a tear in her eye.

'I was joking!' i covered for myself but she ran off to the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

'What happened?' Lisa asked as she walked past. I just walked away to the bedroom.

'Well Done Niall, and dont worry, when youve completed all your challenges were going to tell the others so Chelsea will be fine with you!' Nobody wasnt very convincing. 'Next, you must tell Louis that you made a porn tape in his room once. Have fun!' yeah, this wasnt going to be fun...



'Louis? Whats wrong today?' i heard Harrys husky voice behind me and turned around.

'Well last night Alicia told me she that now that she'd gotten to know me, she hadnt come on her to meet us, but now because she'd fallen in love with my personality, and i dont know if she said it because she was drubk, or if she ment it?

Help me bro!' i explained.

'Dude, just ask her? The worst she can do is throw you off a cliff, so i wouldnt worry about it because there are no cliffs around here!' he said and we both laughed a little.

'Thanks mate, ill ask her later.' i said hugging him. Not girly though!

When hed walked away i went to sit in the garden near the pool. Niall came over and sat next to me.

'Hiyaa!' he said as he slumped down on the chair.

'Heyy' i said sitting next to him and resting my feet on the table.

'So, just thought id be honest and tell you that i did a porn video once in your room' he said and i was shocked.

'What?' i said calmly and he repeated himself.

'Okay then? Bit weird, but so long as you didnt leave the tape around so that im scared for life, thats okay?' i said laughing. I was pretty scared! But it was Niall, he was probably just messing around! I hope anyway!

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