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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


1. Meeting you...

Part 1 -



Were One Direction. We love that saying! Okay, act cool, its Saturday, 5pm and weve only just set off to the BigBrother house. It took 15 hours to get there since we were in Canada performing, so we slelt on the plane instead. We'd been invited to be on the show a few weeks back and had instantly agreed! We loved the show! Sleepy...



Me and my 4 bestfriends had applyed to be on BigBrother as soon as we found out One Direction were on it! We were thinking about it anyway, but when the oppotunity came along, we grasped it with both hands, and got it too! The five of us, me, Alicia, Chelsea, Lisa and Itahlia were going to be on the show with One Direction!! Ahhh! I had the biggest obsession, well dedication to them and was determinded to marry Harry Styles one day! I dream alot. The girls were sleeping at mine tonight so we could all go together. They had just arrived not long ago and we were doing a twitcam with some followers.

'Do the cinomen challenge Chelsea!' some people asked so she took it on board, and nearly threw up! When we'd come off, it was almost 11pm and we wanted to be ready for tomorrow. We had to be there for 9am! Luckily, our hotel was only round the corner from the studio so we didnt have to wake too early. It was half 11 when i'd finally drifted off to sleep and i woke the next morning bright and early!



Id already layed out my joggers and a jop to go in, and had packed a bag with my evening dress in for the show. It was short and white with a black belt and black heels too. Thr stylist greeted us nicely when we got there, and she curled my short blonde hair clipping back my fringe with a bobby pin. The others looked gorgeous! Chelsea had her hair straight and was wearing a tight black skirt and tucked in top to match, with black shoes too. Itahlias hair was in a messy bun done lerfectly by the stylist with a small flower twisting bsck her fringe. She was wearing the tightest black jeans ever and a plain white belly top. Her slim figure fit it perfectly and she wore simple white heels on her dainty feet. Paige was wearing a short black dress with a brown belt hanging on her hips, with brown heels to match. Her hair was striaght and her fringe was twisted back and held with a white bow. Lisa had a simple pale blue dress on that came just above her knees, and she wore a pair of cute white ballet flats with it.



We had already entered the house together. The cameras were going to be turned off for this series but were to be turned on every Sunday. Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall had already had 6 glasses of champage and id had 3 but i prefer to not drink. The girls were outside with Jeremy so we pretended to just act cool for when they came in.



'So, are you hoping our One Direction boys will taking a liking to you?' Jeramy said with a wink. I laughed a little.

'Well, im not sure? Id think we'd love them to like us, but if they dont, they dont.' i said and the girls smiled.

'Oh okay girls, well, go in then' he said with a smile leading us up some stairs to a platform. We waved before stepping through the automatic doors. We walked down some more stairs inside the house. It was huge! There was no one in there from what we could see as we walked down the stairs. We wernt aloud in the bedroom yet though. I wanted to best bed so i stood near the bedroom door with Paige.



I was stood near the bedroom with Chelsea but i got really bored. I wasnt bothered what bed i got, as long as i could sleep on it.

'I'm off to go look around, i need to pee too' i said and skipped off to the bathroom. There were voices coming from inside and as i opened to door, i saw 5 hunky boys stood talking with champane in their hands. Oh, the bathroom was nice too.

'Hi' i said trying to stop myself from screeming. I squeeled quietly instead. Harry was looking me up and down and i saw him smile at Lou. It made me blush a little but i tryed to hide it. They didnt even need to introduce themselves.

'So, this should be fun shouldn't it!' Harry came over to me and said while we were all walking out of the bathroom. Louis atomatically took a liking to Alicia, and Niall and Chelsea were getting on good. Zayn was having fun with Itahlia and Lisa and Liam seemed to be hitting it off good too!

'Yeah, look, i dont want to seem like a fool, but were all really big fans and its aazing to be in here with you!' i said excitedly.

'Aww, thanks! You'll have to get the bed next to me!' he said with a wink and walked over to talk to Zayn.

*10pm exactly*

'HOUSEMATES. THE BREDROOM IS NOW OPEN, YOU MAY GO IN' a voice echoed through the house. Chelsea was first in, followed by Niall who took the bed next to her. I was last in with Harry, and everyone had already taken all the single beds, and there was only a double left. I sat on it and sighed.

'Looks like im stuck with you then.' i said playfully. I was sleeping with Harry Styles already! This was going to be fun...

'Just remember, i sleep naked' he joked and i laughed. I grabbed my suitcase that was outside along with the others and brought it in, dragging it to my side of the bed. It was now already 10.30 and we were still wide awake. No phones, no ipods, nothing but clothes were aloud to be packed. Urg. No phone for almost a month. I was in here all the time even if i had been voted out. This show was a little different from the normal one, as the cameras were off most of the time, and we were aloud to stay for the whole time anyway. We'd been given a little badge with a light on it, representing wether we were still up to win or if we were out.



I should have gone for the double bed with Alicia! I decided to rearange the bedroom when every one was gone, to shift all the beds together making four more double beds! I might get into trouble, but i dont think anyone will mind.

'Wow, what did you do Lou!?' Itahlia came in and said, gobsmacked at the layout change.

'Well, i thought Harry would get abit too fiesty in bed with Paige. And i wanted to double bed-' i tryed explaining but she cut me off.

'cause you wanted to share it with Alicia by any chance?' she said winking. I looked to the floor and she laughed.

'It fine, i dont mind sharing with Zayn' she said, winking for a second time.

'I can make that happen...' i said walking out.

'ZAYN!' i shouted and he came running to me.

'Whats up!' he said sounding worried, 'Has something happened to Itahlia?' typical Zayn.

'No, but your sharing with her tonight' i said pointing towards the door and everyone went to look. They were suprised by the room layout, but agreed to try it for tonight at least. I didnt even know if i was allowed to do this...

Oh well, YOLO.

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