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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


7. Larry Stylinson no more...


Part 7 –



So the house is half messed up, and half extatic. Harry and Louis have fallen out, Louis and Alicia have fallen out, but me and Lisa are together, and Niall and Chelsea are going out, and Zayn and Itahlia are happy almost together too! Also, its time for us the find out whos getting their light switched off. We each had to put out name badge next to our name and picture, and the one that went off was out. I really hope its not me, but you never know! As we all sat together, holding everyones hand except Harry, Louis, Paige and Alicia.

'And the votes are in, the persons badge to be turned off first, is.....' Jeramy apeared on the screen and a drumroll sounded. Lisa squeezed my hand, so i smiled at her and sqeezed it back.

Chelsea light suddenly flashed and died off as she smiled and shurgged. Niall gave her a hug and she went to retrieve her badge as did everyone else.

'Its Chelsea! Im sorry, anyway guys have fun, the next eviction will be on, Tuesday, in two days, so get voting guys! Who do you want to see turned off?' he said to the camera and then disapeared. Everyone went and hugged Chelsea and, as it was late, i decided to go to sleep.



I miss home...

I know im away from it alot, but i miss it incredibly now that im not able to just text my mum night or anything! Its heart breaking...


*Monday 16th, 8am, one light switched off, 9 to go...inthe big brother house*


Oh god, everyones so depressed! Im like stood here waiting for decent food to be cooked, while Harrys tucked away under the covers still, Paige is asleep on the floor, Louis is taking over a double bed white Alicia took over my side of the my bed last night and is still there now. Liam, Lisa, Zayn and Itahlia are in their own beds though! Last night there was a little argument that i had to split up because it woke me up.



Harry was asleep with one of the covers wrapped round him and another over his head for some reason. Paige didnt want to sleep next to him, so when she came in she grabbed the one from over his head and pulled it off him. He woke up with a shock, and screamed. That was what woke me up.

'What are you doing!?' he shouted at her. He hated being woke up suddenly unless it was fkr an emergency or it was nicley and gently.

'Well im not going to freeze!' she replied and grabbed her pillow, chucking it kn the floor and taking off her jacket. Shed been sat outside with Itahlia just talking and had her PJs on already.

'Well you didnt have to wake me up!-' he shouted and i interrupted sleepily.

'Guys, shh! You'll wake the others, just go back to sleep!'

'Fine, just dont come in here and expect me to be happy! She kissed Louis and he knew i had a thing for her!' he said and Paige looked shocked. I was asleep on the end of Louis' bed so moved to let her sleep there.

'Thanks' she said with a sad smile and curled up next to Louis. I slept with my feet between them and my head near their feet. It was uncomfortable so i went and slept next to Harry. He grunted but didnt push me out so i just fell asleep.




Okay, am i dreaming? Zayn left me a note on his pillow next to mine for when i woke up. I screemed when i read the words 'Will you be my girlfriend and make me the second happiest guy in the world?' i ran to find him outside finishing his cigerette off. I waited for him to brush him teeth before telling him yes, as if he kissed me, i wouldnt want to taste his last cig really!

'So, i see you finally coughed up the corage to ask me?' i said winking at him.

He pulled me closer and layed a perfect, sweet, minty kiss on my lips then laughed and i nodded.

'Wait, why does it say the second hapiest guy?' i asked. Was there someone better?

'Because the first happiest guy, will be your husband, and i hope one day thats my happiness there' he said smiling and i had a tear in my eye!

'Thats the cheesiest thing ive ever heard!' i said and he frowned.

'...and i loved it!' i said and we kissed again, forcing a smile to form as we did.



I still cant believe Louis kissed Paige. She knew i liked him and i thought she liked Harry! I needed to talk to him and set things straight.

'Louis?' i said when we were both awake. It was only about 8am so everyone was asleep really, or already out in the rest of the house.

'What? And while ive got your attention, im so sorry!! I didnt mean to, its just i wasnt sure who to choose since i thought you both seemed really nice girls, and i was just making sure i didnt make a mistake befkre asking you to be my girlfriend!' he explained. I felt really guilty for being angry with him, but he did break my heart.

'Louis, stop appologising! I just wanted to say, i love you anyway!' i said blushing and i felt myself turning into a tomatoe by the second. I went and sat on the edge of his bed, making sure i didnt sit on Paige.

'Oh and i was asleep when she got into here! Niall told me that he told her to sleep up here with me, since she'd been on the floor because she didnt want to go near Harry!' he rushed his words but i understood them perfectly and we stared into each others eyes for a little while. I broke the chain by looking down, however, Louis lifted my chin and moved closer. It wasnt long before his lips were pressed against mine and our tounges were dancing the Tango...



I didnt want to talk to anyone. I shouldnt be taking it out on everyone else, but Louis ment to be my bestmate! Were Larry Stylinson and hes just kissed the girl i love? Alicia and Louis were all loved up now, and Paige was best mates again with Alicia! Its like nothing had happened and now no one wants to talk to me! Niall brought me a plate of toast this morning so i thanked him, and Liam tryed to persuade mw to talk to Lou. I missed him yeah, but i had to get my anger away from everyone else so staying away was my only option really. I had been crying a little, not manly i know, but i couldnt help it, i was upset, angry, heartbroken and just full on depressed!

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