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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


3. Dares...


Part 3 –



So ive had my third challenge already, and this is probably the worst so far. I had a plan though...

'Guys, do you want to play dares?!' i asked hoping theyd say yes, which they did.

'Okay, Louis you go first!' Paige said.

'Okay i dare Alicia to kiss Niall!' he said excitedly and winked.

Alicia wasnt one to turn down a dare, so she walked over and kissed my wet lips. I didnt paricually enjoy it...

Louis face dropped and Chelsea's too.

'Well done Niall! Chelsea will be fine with you soon. The faster you do your challenges, the less time she'll be in a mood with you. You now must go find Harrys hairdryer, Liams gel, Lisas bra and hide them all. You must also put the shoes in the bath and wait for someone to find them. You cant tell anyone that you know where they are either, good luck' the voice said and i tryed to look interested in the game while still listening. This was my perfect oppertunity.

'Im going to go get a drink, ill be back in a minute' i said and speed walked into the house and to the bedroom, grabbing my jacket and throwing it on. I shoved harry hairdryer and liams gell inside and went to put them somewhere. The first thing i saw was a plastic plant so i lifted the leaf and branch part of it and chucked them in as quietly as i could. Lisas bra were in her suitcase so i grabbed a load and put them in my pockets and sleeves. I thought it would be funny to tie them to the top of the stairs so i ran up them two at a time and sat down so no one would be able to see me if they came in. I set to work fastening each one the the barrier. How many bras does a girl need!? There were at least 30 or 40! When id done, everyone was still suprisingly in the garden, so i rushed to the shoe closet to get all the shoes and one by one i threw them into the bathroom. Whwn theyd all been messily put in, i went in a locked the door, then placed them all in the bath. I was feeling a bit guilty but i went back to the others who were just sat playing 'Would you rather'.

'Wheres your drink?' Harry asked when i sat next to him.

'Oh, i couldnt find the fanta?' i said laughing a little.

'Niall, would you rather kiss Chelsea or Zayn?' Louis asked and everyone laughed. Except Chelsea who got up and left the room.

'Ermmm.....-' i thought but was interupted by 'The Voice'. I looked like i was thinking while i was listening.

'Niall, your fifth task is to faint when you next see Zayn in the bedroom. Pretend your a fan, faint on someones bed then when he trys to wake you, ask him to marry you.' the voice seemed so calm, and it suddey disapeared.

'Niall? Which one?!' Louis asked weirdly, clicking his fingers infront of my face.

'What?' i said coming out of my thoughts. 'Oh erm, Zayn? Wait what are we on about again?' chelsea had her mouth wide open and she ran off in tears.

'Chelsea wait, what did i do?!' i shouted after her and put my hands in my pockets as i walked back again to the others.

'I asked if you'd rather kiss her and Zayn!? And you said Zayn! Are you gay Niall?!' Louis joked.

'Oh dear.' Oh sh¡t!!!



Oh, its a little pathetic crying over a famous boy. I thought Liam was starting to like me, cause i sure was into him! But he kissed Paige... It was only a dare, but he still kissed her!! Harrys not bothered as well about Paige kissing him back! He thinks that you cant turn any dares down, so it didnt mean anything. But what if they both enjoyed it? Chelsea was a little upset about Niall kissing Alicia and i dont blame her, he led her on and she followed. We were both sat in the bedroom on my hers and Nialls bed. It was almost 7pm and it had been an eventful day. I decided i was going to take a long shower to clear my thoughts.

'Chelsea, can i sleep in your bed tonight? Im no lesbein, but id rather sleep with you, my bestfriend, than someone who kissed my other bestfriend?' i said when i reached the door.

'Of course, tbh, id rather not sleep with Niall tonight, so yeah!' she said and smiled as i left to shower.



Why was kissing Liam in a game of dares so bad? It was a dare, it didnt mean anything. Everyone knew i liked Harry, well, everyone except Harry. It was so annoying because i couldnt get any chance alone with him when he wasnt drunk, or messing around with someone else! I'd kissed him once too, but it didnt really count as it was a dare again. I just hoped we could talk later. And why was Lisa in a mood with me and Liam? Its not like i enjoyed it! And i definatlydidn't! Well a little bit, but it was Liam Payne for godsake! Wouldnt anyone want to kiss him wether it was a dare or not?! I wasnt going to tell Lisa that, i just felt sorry for Liam. He didnt do it on purpose, he was just playing the game and having fun!



Task five was to faint when i saw Zayn. Zayn had just walked in, this was going to be funny. Acting head on, and GO!

'OMGOMGOMG!!!! ITS ZAYN MALIK!!!' i screemed and fainted to the ground dramatically. He ran over confused and poured a cup of water on my head! What an idiot!!

'Niall, youve seen me plenty of times!' he said helping me up.

'But your Zayn Malik! Ohemgee!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Marry me Zayn, marry me!!' i squeeled againa and kissed his hand. I was dying to laugh but i held it in.

'Okay Niall, Okay...' he said laughing and walked off. I burst into hysterics and rolled around on the floor.

'Niall, task six is to wake up in the same bed as Liam with no top of cuddling him like you would with your girlfriend' the voice instructed me and i sighed again. Lisa and Chelsea were sharing a bed tonight because both of them hate mw and Liam at the moment, so this should be easier than i think. Liam, Lisa, Chelsea, Louis, Alicia and Paige were all asleep already and Zayn, Itahlia and Harry were sat in the lounge together. I took of my top and examined my body. It wasnt as bad as some peoples! I was quite insecure so didnt always think of myself as beautiful or fit as the girls always told me. I crawled into bed and giggled to myself. What had i signed myself up for...?


*Thursday 12th, 8am again, in the big brother house*


So Liam had woke up everyone when i found Niall cuddling up to him asleep, with no top on. Typical Niall. Niam was cute! I was laughing when i saw Liams face and had to control myself as i was getting a stitch.

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