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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


9. 4 pairs...


Part 9 –



'Hello, i see you won the challenge. Congratulations! You prize will be shared. Zayn and Itahlia will go first, Harry and Paige you will be called later.' the voice said, straight to the point and me and Itahlia were led through a door, while Paige and Harry were led back out of the diary room.



Me and Harry sat on the sofas waiting to be called. He didnt talk to me, he just sat staring at the floor in silence.

'Harry?' i whispered but he got up and started to walk out to the garden. I grabbed his wrist but he shook me off.

'Get off me!' he shouted in my face before walking off.

I burst into tears, and soon Louis came in. He saw me crying and immediatly came up to comfort me, pulling me into a warm hug.

'Whats wrong?' he asmed as he looked down at his teae stained shirt.

'Sorry about that, and Harry! I messed up big time!' i yelled, which only made more tears drip. Im too emotional!

'Look, it'll be fine! Ill go talk to him?' he said wiping my eyes for me with his thumb and getting up to talk to him. He mouthed something to someone behind me and Alicia gave me a hug. We talked about shoes while he was gone.



'Harry! This is ridiculous! Have you seen her? Shes broken down and look! My favourite shirt! Its my fault not hers!' i screamed in his face, and i pointed at the black mascara stain on my shoulder.

'Well how is it your fault?! She kissed you!?'he said back loudly. I hated arguing with Harry, he was my bestfriend and last time we were fighting through tears. I kept them in this time, trying to be manly.

'No i kissed her and im sorry! You know, its my fault, not hers, so just talk to her dude!' i said calmly and walked off.

When i got back, Alicia ans Paige were sat on the couch laughing. They moved over for me when i sat down, but not long after, Paige was happy.

'Good Luck!' i said sarcasticaly and she laughed behind plodding off to the diary room, shortly followed by Harry.



What if Lou was right? What if she didnt mean to kiss him, and she just did it to not hurt his feelings? I had to find out. When we walked into the diary room. I sat on the floor, letting her take the chair.

'Harry and Paige. I see youve not exactly seen eye to eye, so were giving you this opotunity to talk. The room on your left is where you need to go. Enjoy it. ' the voice said and we were directed to a beautiful candle lit room, with a gorgeous layed table and chairs in the middle. I sat in one and she sat in the other that was oposite, resting her head on her hand and picking at the knife and fork.

'Look Paige-' i said before she cut me off.

'I thought you didnt want to talk?' she said. She had a point.

'Just listen. Im sorry, i really like you and i overreacted-' i started but she interupted again.

'You like me?' she asked shocked and i nodded and blushed.

'Aww' she said and blushed too. 'I shouldnt have kissed Louis, but you never told me you like me, so how was i ment to know if you'd get angry at this?' she explained.

'I know, and im sorry, i guess i was just embarrased'

We talked about it for the next 20 minutes, whislt eating food that was coming in on silver platers.

'So you like me then?' she asked when everything had gone silent.

'Well yeah, but i know you dont like me?' i said ashamed of myself, but before i could say anything else, she leaned over the table and kissed me lightly on the lips. I smiled and we shared another, more passionate nd longer one. The biggest amount of fireworks went off and i couldnt help but grin all the way through it.

'What was that for?' i asked when we'd done.

'Showing that i love you too.' she said sweetly, smiling and showing her dimples and beautiful teeth. I did the same and we spent the rest of the meal talking about childhood things, and the rest of the time in the house.

'Wait!' she said as we were about to leave.

'What?' i smiled turning around.

'Does this mean i can officially say your mine?' she said, beaming a mischivious smile at me. I nodded and put my arm around her as we walked out.



So thats it. Voting over, and theres already four pairs in the house: Me and Lisa; Niall and Chelsea;Paige and Harry; and Zayn and Itahlia. Louis was being slow and hadnt asked Alicia yet. But we knew they liked each other and already acted like they were dating!

'Housemates, tonigt a second light will be going out in the big brother house, but who?' Jeramys voice came from the screen and his face appeared with it. All our badges were infront of us and we waited for one to go off. Suddenly, my light flickered and went off, leaving it blank and the second one off.

'Its you Liam! Im sorry!' Jermany said and i smiled and shrugged. I wasnt tok bothered about winning, it wasnt on the top of my list really.

'Aww, bye Liams light, RIP' Louis joked and everyone laughed. We went to sleep early that night as it had been an eventful day.

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