I Wish That Was Me

This is a finfic I made about girl named Alex who goes to the beach and meets some unexpected guests.


2. OMG

"Oh my gosh you're Harry Styles..." I said completely stunned. He chuckled.  'Wow Alex, that was so stupid!' I thought to myself.    Harry's POV:  She was so beautiful.   "Um, heres your beach ball." she said handing me Louis's beach ball.    "Thanks. Anyways what your name?" I said changing the subject.    "Alexandria but everyone calls me Alex." she replied in the with a voice as sweet as honey.    "That's a pretty name" I said.    "Thanks." she said.     "Wanna play catch with us. It sounds stupid but it's actually quite entertaining." I asked her finally getting used to her.     "Sure! But I have to go ask my friend Maya if she wants to come too." she said.      "Alright. See ya!" I called after her.   Alex's POV;    "Maya, wanna come play some ball game with a bunch of boys I KNOW you will love?" I  asked her.  I didn't want to tell her that it was one direction because she would either start fangirling and cause attention so we can't play with them or faint.    "Ooh. Are they good looking??" she asked "Yes" I replied stifling a laugh. Harry's POV: "So who's that chic you were talking to?" asked Louis "Oh just a girl named Alex." I said. "Ooh she's got a friend." said Niall as Alex and her friend, probably Maya, headed our way. "Hey guys!" said Alex "Meet my friend Maya." We all said hi to a very shocked Maya.

 "I-uh-you are- OMG YOUR-"Alex quickly clapped her hand over Maya's mouth.

 "Hehe. that's fine, love. We're used to it" chuckled Louis.  

"hey uhh Maya i think its time to go." said Alex


 Alex's POV:

   "What? You WANT us to stay?" I asked

   "Sure why not. We could make a fire. Everyone else left already. Liam payed the life guard to work extra hours so we can stay and relax...io....relaxio!!! I INVENTED A WORD!" screamed Louis.

   "Um..ooooh kaaay theeen... I guess we can stay. I'll text my mom and tell her that we will come home a bit late today." I told him.

   Me: Hi mom. I met some friends. Will be back at around 10. Sorry bye. can you tell Maya's mom too? xx   -Alex

   Mom: Ok have fun...but not too much. (we already have enough kids) ;)

   Me: um ew and you don't know if they are even boys

 Mom: oh so they're girls?

   Me: no

   Mom: :P

   Me: bye and dont add faces. Its just not right.

    Mom: bye :) :) :) :P :P XP XP XD XD :O :O -

I sighed and put away my blue iPhone. (yes Maya did throw that at Louis) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWSNjyKgL5o

    "So, is she ok with that?" asked Liam

    "Yepper doodles!" I responded

    "You invent words too?!?!" cried Louis

    "Of course I do!" I said hi-fiving him

    "You guys are perfect for each other" said Liam. I saw Harry look down.

    "I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! NAMED ELANOR CALDER!!!" Louis screamed in Liam's face. Harry looked relieved. Behind him I saw Maya and Niall kissing.

    "Well that was fast" I said loud enough for them to hear. They turned around quickly and blushed. 

After that, we went and played their ball game that they made up and we had a blast.

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