I Wish That Was Me

This is a finfic I made about girl named Alex who goes to the beach and meets some unexpected guests.


4. Moments

 It stopped on me. Oh great. I thought sarcastically. But I had to. 

  "Hey Niall can I use your guitar?" I asked

  "Yeah sure." 

   "Shut the door, turn the lights off. I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love..." I started off a bit shaky but then I got used to this audience. I also felt better when Harry started to sing with me. 

  I finished singing and they were all silent for a moment. Then slowly they all started clapping. Normally people would blush now, but i never seem to blush. If I could I would be a tomato right now.

   Can we fall...One more tiime... sang my iPhone.

"Hello?" i answered

"Hi honey are you ok? You said ten and its like 2 in the morning!"

"Oh ya sorry mom. I kinda lost track of time. I'll get going."

"I'm so sorry honey but you know Miranda from book club?"


"She's in the hopital sick and me and you dad will be gone for a couple days. So me and your dad think we trust you enough to stay at your new friend's house."

"Really?! Thank you. You know great it feels that you trust me that much?!"

"Well yeah but we also talked to Maya's parents and they said she will stay with you. They will constantly call. And you two have to keep an eye on each other and know your limits. I trust you, I just don't know you're friends."

"Ok Mom"

"Put me on speaker for a sec please" 

I did as she said.

"You're on" I said

" Hi this is Alex's Mom. I know this is a short notice, but Maya and Alex will stay whever you boys are staying. Me and Alex's dad have to,um, go somewhere, for a bit but Maya's parents would love to come over for dinner tonight. Just text her the address. K?"

"No problem" replied Niall with a huge grin on his face.

"Bye Alex, bye Maya, and I'm sorry I didn't get your names but i have to go now bye anyways."

"BYE!" Louis shouted into the phone

"ow" my mom murmered

I turned my phone off for the car ride to their flat. This was a dream come true.

*A/N Sorry for the short chapter. This is the only thing that seems to fit in this chapter. I have the next one all done but i need...hmmmm let's see..... 5 suggestions on what happens next. BY 5 DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Come on people start suggesting. READY.....SET...GO!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  xxx*

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