When hope is all you have.

"Harry." Zayn snaps. "She is everything how could you do such thing to her?"

"I'm sorry Hazza, I'm with Zayn on this one. We all treat her like a little sister. You cant break her heart like this." Louis agrees.

"Harry think it over." Liam advises.

"Yeah I mean is Caroline worth it?" Niall frowns.

"Boys. Enough." Eleanor said and look straight at me. "Harry knows what he is doing. Just don't regret Harry." and she left. Soon, everyone leaves. I, Harry Styles broke my girlfriend, the love of my life's heart.


5. The Divorce.


Alex POV

“Harry?” I open the door and find the curly hair boy outside my house. “Why are you here?”

“Checking on you babe.” He gives me a tight hug. “You alright?”

“I am now.” I hug him tighter. “Don’t you have some dream to chase?”

“I am chasing it.” He smiles cheekily.

“Harry You know what I’m talking about. Don’t you need to practice?”

He kept silent.

“Harry You need to go back. The boys need you. The whole England needs you.” I pinch his cheeks and smile.

“But you need me.”

“I always do.” I smile and lead my forehead on his. “But this is different.”

“I’ll be back on time.” He smiles and grabs my hand. “Come” he lead my out and we head to our meadow. He always knows what to do and what to say. I told him everything. Mom was having an affair and dad found out. Simple as that yet complicated.

“What are you gonna do?” He brushes my hair as I lie on his lap.

“I don’t know.”

“You can stay with me again.” He smiles.

“I can’t just leave this.”

“There’s no help staying. Your parents need time to think.” He was right. “Fly back with me.”

“Again? I just came back. The boys won’t like it.”

“Don’t be silly. To tell you the truth. They misses you.”


“Yeah.’ He nod. “Well Niall misses the food you cook.” He laughs and continues. “You make us feel home.”

“I don’t know Hazza.”

“Come.” He looks my in the eyes. “Please?” damn. How does he do that?

“Fine.” I roll my eyes. “Don’t do that again.” I push him down and he starts laughing. We got back home and he helps me pack again while I ring my dad and mom.

“How long do you want to stay?” Harry ask so he could get sufficient clothes for me.

“I don’t know.” I sat on my bed, blank.

“Till X Factor ends then.” Harry smiles.

“Wow mister. You can’t decide that.” I tease.

“Yes I can. If you go for a few weeks then you come back you will have to go back another week to watch the finals so why don’t you just stay till the end?” he point it out. I roll my eyes and laugh. 


“Hi.” Liam and Niall got excited when me and Harry came in.

“Hey babe.” Zayn gave me a hug. “Good to have you back.”

“Hi Lexie.” Louis said and gives me a hug too. “Hi Harry. Wow Harry! It’s weird not seeing you naked in the house.” Louis laughs and the boys join in.

“Is he always naked?” I smile, confused.

“Shh.” Harry place his finger on his lips.

“Yeah.” Zayn ignores Harry and winks.

“You won’t find him with cloths around like 2 miles from this area.” Niall laughs.

“Okay boys. I’ll take her to her room.” Harry cuts them off before they could tell me more. He took my hand and led me up. I wave to the boys. The room was neat and smells like apples.

“You did some decoration?” I explore the room.

“I was with you remember? Silly.” He smiles and pulls me in his arms. “It was Zayn.”

“Aww that’s sweet. Remind me to thank him later.”

“Okay.” He smiles and when he was about to lead over for a kiss I push him away playfully.

“Lets go.”

“Where?” he sounds lost.

“Back to the boys. We need to apologize.”


“Hi love.” Liam greet again.

“Hi boys.’ I start and everyone look at me. “I’m sorry I took Harry away for these two days. I hope he hasn’t miss out much and didn’t bring any burden.” I play with my fingers and bit my lips. Nervous. All the boys sat on the couch and listen. Harry stood by the television like a kid in trouble. “And I’m sorry I have to stay for a few weeks. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Till X Factor ends.” Harry corrected.

“We all wanted to fly over and see you babe so don’t worry. We are sorry on what happen.” Zayn is always good with words.

“And Harry is the Romeo so yeah we are good with it.” Niall smiles.

“We don’t mind you staying as well.” Liam got up and gave me a little hug. “It will be okay.” He whispers over my ear, referring to my parents.

“Thanks.” I hug him tight.

“We like your company.” Louis thumbs up.

“We love you.” Niall laughs and gave me a hug too. Niall is a hugger. Soon all the boys came for a hug.

“I’m hungry.” Niall complains.

“I’ll cook.” I laugh and skip to the kitchen.

“Another reason why I love you.” I heard him said.

We enjoy our dinner. Liam and Zayn help with the cooking and even wash the dishes. Gentlemen.

“They are sweet boys.” I smile and lie beside Harry and he cuddles me.

“Ain’t I sweet enough?” He looks down and kisses my cheeks. I shut my eyes and fall asleep in his arms.

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