When hope is all you have.

"Harry." Zayn snaps. "She is everything how could you do such thing to her?"

"I'm sorry Hazza, I'm with Zayn on this one. We all treat her like a little sister. You cant break her heart like this." Louis agrees.

"Harry think it over." Liam advises.

"Yeah I mean is Caroline worth it?" Niall frowns.

"Boys. Enough." Eleanor said and look straight at me. "Harry knows what he is doing. Just don't regret Harry." and she left. Soon, everyone leaves. I, Harry Styles broke my girlfriend, the love of my life's heart.


3. The Boys


“Harry?” I held on to his hands before we enter the room. I wear a peach colour summer dress and a light grey cardigan with a white heel. “What if they don’t like me?”

“Don’t worry darling. They will.” He smiles and squeezes my hand. “You are very beautiful today.” He whispers in my ear and kiss my neck.

“Just today?” I whisper back and blush.

“That’s my girl.” He messes my hair a little and we walk in.

“Hey guys.” Harry starts. The boys were all around the room chilling but when they saw me walking in, they all sat together on the couch. I smile and wave.

“So this is the girl Harry won’t shut up about.” Niall said. (Harry gave me the introduction already)

“Hi beautiful.” Zayn winks. Harry squeezes my hand again and gave Zayn the look, playfully.

“So you’re the one that stole my Harry away.” Louis teases.

“Well, we all have to agree that Hazza is a flirt and no girl nor boy” I put that out, “could resist those eyes.” Harry pulls me in by my waist. Everyone starts laughing.

“Welcome to the family!”Liam smiles.

“Hazza?” Niall laughs.

“Great name.” Zayn follows.

We took our dinner and spent the night at their place craving for hot chocolate and cookies. And with one night, I gain myself four best friends.



“Harry are you sure?” I held on to his hand, tightly.

“Of course I am.” We have an extra bedroom.” He smiles. Harry packs my stuff and convinces me to stay with him for a few days in X Factor.


“No buts.” He kisses my cheeks.

We finally reached the boys’ house. It wasn’t huge but it was big enough. The garden was beautiful. Everything felt like Hollywood.

“I want you here.” Harry comforts me when we got out of the cab. The boys saw us coming and ran out, helping me get my suitcase.

“Wow lil tigers. I can carry them. The ain’t that heavy.” I laugh.

“No! We won’t let a lady do the job.” Liam smiles and gives me a welcome hug.

“Right this way ma’am” Louis teases and opens the door for me.

The house was neat and warm. They lead me upstairs to my room. I take that back, these boys are pigs! Their rooms are a total mess.

“Me, Zayn and Liam have our own rooms while Louis and Harry share.” Niall explains.

“Harry. Am I taking your room or anything? I’m sorry Lou.” I apologize, feeling guilty.

“Don’t be silly babe. Me and Harry just like sleeping together.” Louis pauses. “That came out wrong.” We all burst out into laughter

“Since you’re here. Hazza, where will you be sleeping in tonight?” Liam teases.

“Shut up. She needs privacy.” Harry pulls me in by my waist.

“What a gentleman. Liam, you taught him well.” Zayn laughs. I roll my eyes and went to unpack my stuffs.


“God. Niall eats a lot!” I whisper to Harry and he let out a small laugh.

“You must be new.” Niall overheard.

“Once Zayn gave Nialler here his houses keys just in case there’s an emergency.” Liam starts but couldn’t finish so Louis continues.

“And when Zayn got home Niall was in his kitchen, eating everything!” Louis laughs.

“And he even said it was an emergency.” Zayn rolls his eyes and laugh along.

“It was!” Niall said innocently.

“Wanna go for a walk?” Harry grabs my hand and we were so close, I could even feel his heart beat.

“Get some room!” Liam and Zayn said, covering Niall’s eyes. Harry pulls me away and we scroll down the park hand in hand.

“So you like it here?” he smiles.

“yeah. It’s heaven here.” I smile. “Well except for the lads’ room.”

“So you like the boys?”

“Yeah they are super sweet.”

“They like you too.” He didn’t look up to meet my glance.

“That’s nice.” I smile but something was wrong with Harry. He has been acting very weirdly whenever Niall shares food with me or Zayn helps do my hair or when Liam and I were having a lazy chat.

“They treat you like a best friend and even a little sister now.”

“Really?-“ I didn’t notice a hole on the concrete and almost fell over. A pain of strong arms wrap around me and a soft lip press against mine.

“Now you are only falling over me.” He smiles. “I won’t want you to be falling for anyone else.” His eyes furrows. I let my arms wrap around his neck and hug him tight.

“Is that what’s bothering you? Hazza, you know you will only be the one.” I smile and he kisses my cheeks.

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