When hope is all you have.

"Harry." Zayn snaps. "She is everything how could you do such thing to her?"

"I'm sorry Hazza, I'm with Zayn on this one. We all treat her like a little sister. You cant break her heart like this." Louis agrees.

"Harry think it over." Liam advises.

"Yeah I mean is Caroline worth it?" Niall frowns.

"Boys. Enough." Eleanor said and look straight at me. "Harry knows what he is doing. Just don't regret Harry." and she left. Soon, everyone leaves. I, Harry Styles broke my girlfriend, the love of my life's heart.


8. Maybe it is the end


Danielle POV

Niall came back and head to the kitchen. Liam sat next to me and squeezes my hands. Louis cuddles Eleanor and we sat silently in the living room. Is something wrong? The boys are acting so weird. Harry came down and dusts out. Liam frowns and looks really grumpy.

“What’s wrong?” I said but Liam didn’t answer. Instead Louis spoke and explains everything to us.

“That jerk! I can’t believe Harry Styles, my best friend would do such thing!” I said angrily.

“He’s young. He’ll learn.”Louis frowns.

“But what about Lexie?” El worries.

“She heard our conversation.” Zayn came down and join us and so did Niall.

“What?” Liam was shocked.

“She lock herself in her room.” Zayn continues and explain the whole thing.

Lexie is broken. I remember when I was, when my ex did the same thing to me. But I had Liam there and he reached out for me. Lexie have no one who could reach out for her.

Liam POV

I woke up the next morning finding a text message from Lexie.

“Hi Liam. I’m sorry for disturbing you boys for these few weeks. I’m going back home now. What have to come will come. I guess my mom needs me. Thanks for treating me as a little sister bro.Love you much. X I’m also sorry I could be there for the finals but I know you boys will do fine. Takecare. –Lexie-“

I got up and went to Lexie’s room. The room was still and calm and Lexie’s clothes was gone. I woke the rest of them.

“Zayn wake up Lexie is gone!” he got up immediately. Everyone gather around the living room.


Harry POV

I sat in my car quietly and stare at the empty street. Lexie called last night I knew it was coming.


“Hi.” She said sweetly. How I wish I could pull her in my arms and tell her the reasons behind all of this. “Harry?”


“Remember when we were young we used to create silly names for our teachers?” she chuckles. “And the time you wanted to put glue on Mrs Big Nose chair?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Nothing. Just thinking.” She continues. “Remember when we lie down on the grass and watch the clouds and stars? Making funny pictures out of them.”

“Is something wrong?” Everything is wrong.

“I know what’s going on Harry. And I don’t want to pull you back. So if you want to get together with Caroline then I’ll be fine.” She pauses and continues. “If that’s what makes you happy.”

“Lex-“ she cuts me off.

“Remember I told you I needed you? Well I still do but I guess I’ve learnt that love is a mess. People change. Harry?”


“I’ll still be here whenever you feel like watching the stars or playing starwars under the rain. Remember that.”



“I love you .”

“I love you too Hazza.” 

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