When hope is all you have.

"Harry." Zayn snaps. "She is everything how could you do such thing to her?"

"I'm sorry Hazza, I'm with Zayn on this one. We all treat her like a little sister. You cant break her heart like this." Louis agrees.

"Harry think it over." Liam advises.

"Yeah I mean is Caroline worth it?" Niall frowns.

"Boys. Enough." Eleanor said and look straight at me. "Harry knows what he is doing. Just don't regret Harry." and she left. Soon, everyone leaves. I, Harry Styles broke my girlfriend, the love of my life's heart.


9. Faith, trust and maybe a little of Eleanor's hugs


Lexie POV

I got home to an empty house. Just perfect. I need time alone. I got a warm shower and tuck myself in my skinny jean and a sweater. I sat quietly on my bed and stare at the empty space. Then I notice a letter.

“Hey Lexie It’s your mom. If you come home, I’ll probably not be around. I’m moving in with Phill. Here’s the address if you decided to stay with me but if you want you could always go and stay with your dad. He misses you. We had talk and decided that you are big enough to choose for yourself. Oh btw I sold the house so yeah..Take care Love ya. –Mom”

Great. Now I have no house. No parents. No Harry. My heart grow numb and I couldn’t feel anything anymore. Tears blur my sight and I fell asleep slowly.

                The next morning, I woke up with a swollen eye. I got myself cleaned and got dressed. I better hit the road before the new owner comes. I pack my stuff and all my posters, my photo albums, books, shoes, and everything that is left of me. I went to e kitchen to find something to eat. Great. Empty. I decided to visit my dad. He must feel very lonely. I know how it feels to be unwanted.

I rang the bell and I felt tickles in my stomach. Was I nervous ?

“Hi!” my dad smiles widely.

“Hey dad.” I hug him tight. Tears roll down. I miss him more than I thought. He took my suitcase and brought me in. It was a small apartment but I felt comfortable.

“Thanks I’m sorry I didn’t call.”

“No problem sweet heat. I’m just so happy you are here.”

“Me too.” I smile. He let me alone to unpack and explore my new room.

                After unpacking I could my childhood photo album. I sat on the carpet and flip the pages. There’s a awful lot of me and Harry. I cried harder that night. The next morning, my dad left for work and left a note so I won’t freak out. He wasn’t really interested in working, it just helps him to get his mind off things. Making himself busy. Guess I should do the same. I clean the whole house today. When I was cleaning my living room, I found pills. What? Then I found a drawer of pills and doctor’s recite. There wasn’t much information so I called the hospital. No sickness in my dictionary needs this much pills.


“Your dad is suffering from lung cancer a while now. In fact he just left the hospital for a check up.” The nurse said through the phone and I drop to the floor.

“How long has it been?”

“A few months?”

“Thank you.” I hang up quickly.


“Lexie. What’s up?” dad came home and saw me still on the floor. Frozen.

“Dad?”  I burn my face in his chest.

“Aww what’s the matter?” he pulls me in his arms and we sat there in silent for a while.

“Were you gonna tell me?”

“Tell you what?” he hides. I relax my palm and let him see the recite from the hospital.

“Oh.” His mouth shape into a perfect “o”

“Dad? Can they be cured?” I cried harder.

“I-“ he pause. “I don’t know babe.” His voice was broken. He wasn’t just sad and lonely, he was afraid too.

I sat up and wipe my tears. He has always been there for me. He was always there when I took my first step. He was there when I cry over my brushes. Now, I have to be there too.   “No matter what happens I want you to know that I’ll be there.”

“Lexie. I don’t-“

“No dad!” I cut him off. “Please let me.” I beg.

“I’m sorry.” He starts. “But I’ll be a burden. I just want you back here so I could spend some time with you. Nothing else.”

“But dad. I’m here to spend time with you too but I want more time with you. Please?”

He kept silent.

“Please dad. Plus you will never be a burden. I pull him in for another hug.

“Thanks baby girl.”

“Lets go get some dinner.” He laughs as I sound just like him when I was little.



Niall POV

“What?” Me and Zayn said the same time when Liam showed us the text message.

“Why didn’t she say goodbye?” El was very disappointed.

“I guess she knew she never have the strength to.” Louis rubs her shoulders.

“Where’s Harry?” Zayn said angrily.

“He hasn’t return home,” I inform.

There was a long silent.

“I’m home.” Harry came in and everyone glance at him. “What?”

“What? I’ll tell you what!” Danielle snaps. “Lexie is gone!”

“She what?!”

“She left this morning!” Liam said.

“No wonder.”

“What?” Zayn sound more angry.

“She called last night and was acting very weird.”

“You-“ Danielle was about to curse till Liam gave her a little hug.

“Well Harry. Even as a childhood friend, you should at least cared.” Liam continues.

“Liam’s right, Harry.” Louis said. “I’m not happy with this.”

“She called and you didn’t stop her?” Zayn was furious.

“What did she say?” I interrupt.

“She just said our childhood memories and she said she wishes me the best and that she will be fine.”

“And you believe her?” Eleanor asks.

“Harry, stop being so selfish. You know she is not.” I was getting angry too.

“Arh!” Danielle grabs her nag.

“Where you going babe?” Liam grabs her hand.

“Catching the next flight.”

“But babe you have X factor.” Liam frowns.

“Lexis is more important!” she sounds very depress. “She was there when Harry did his audition. She was there when you boys were going through tough times. She was there for me too. And now she is all broken and we can’t be there for her? I’m not gonna sit around and let her face this alone.”

“But-“ Liam got cut off.

“No buts. Remember when I was broken? I had you there but now she doesn’t have anyone. Her parents are divorced and now this. I want to be there for her.” Tears roll down her eyes. Danielle was right. Lexie had been there for us every step and now she is all alone. I felt numb in my heart.

“She’s right Liam.” Eleanor said. And Danielle gave a sigh of relieve. “But Danielle, Liam has his point. You can’t dump XFactor. Non of you can.” She pauses. “I’ll go.”

“But-“ Danielle starts.

“No buts. Lima is doing what’s best for you. Besides Lexie won’t be happy too if she knew you quit.”

“Thank El.” Danielle gave her a hug. “Take care and call me if every night!”

“No! She is calling me.” Louis protested.

“Take care of our Lexie.”Zayn said. “And yourself.”

“Hey she is part of this family too.” Eleanor smiles and head out with Louis.

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