When hope is all you have.

"Harry." Zayn snaps. "She is everything how could you do such thing to her?"

"I'm sorry Hazza, I'm with Zayn on this one. We all treat her like a little sister. You cant break her heart like this." Louis agrees.

"Harry think it over." Liam advises.

"Yeah I mean is Caroline worth it?" Niall frowns.

"Boys. Enough." Eleanor said and look straight at me. "Harry knows what he is doing. Just don't regret Harry." and she left. Soon, everyone leaves. I, Harry Styles broke my girlfriend, the love of my life's heart.


6. Everything was perfect until...


“Morning!” Harry whispers. “I’ll go make some breakfast.” He kisses my cheeks and get out of bed.

I got up a little while later and head for a hot shower. I wore my favourite skinny jeans and slip on a fresh top that wrote Hakuna Matata. I let my hair down and put on a light layer of eye shadow.I skip downstairs and find Harry flipping pancakes. I walk over and hug him from behind.

“Morning.” I smile.

“Pancakes?” he asks and winks.

“With chocolate!” I skip over to the fridge and got the chocolate chips.

“Morning.” Louis almost shouted. “Harry, what are you doing with your clothes on?” he teases again.

“Morning.” I laugh and got some apples and carrots. “I’ll make you juice.”

“Morning sunshine.” Liam said. “Zayn is still asleep so let’s just safe some for him before Niall eats them all up.”

“Morning.” Nialler came in. He was wearing polo t shirt with a cardigan. We start eating and Niall eats like a pig.

“So what are you planning to do today?” Liam asks. “I’m sorry we had to go practice.”

“No no. I’m fine alone.” I smile. I’m not. I hate being alone.

“You sure babe?” Harry rubs my shoulders and I nod. We drop that subject and the boys finish off their breakfast. They head off and I was left alone. It is gonna be a log day. I sat lazily on the couch and switch the channels.

“Arh.” I ran up to my room and got my bag. “I’m going shopping.” It was only 12 on the noon so I text Harry and inform him where I was going.


Harry POV

My phone beeps and I reach for it over the piano. It was Lexie. She is dying of broadness at home.

“You smile every time she texts you, when she talks, when she laughs. You two are like magnets.” Louis smiles.

“She’s special.”

“Don’t break her Harry. I like her. She is sweet.” Liam said like a big brother.

“Pretty and smart.” Zayn added.

“And knows how to cook.” Niall smiles.

“So you guys treat her as a best friend?” I like how they get along.

“More like a little sister.” Louis corrected and the boys nod in agreement.

“I’m glad.” I smile and we continue to practice. We are doing “The way you look tonight” this week. It’s was a nice song. The noon went by fast and we all rush to go home. I was dying to go home and wrap my arms around Lexie. She is very special. 


The week pass by quick and it was time to perform. I gave Lexie that VIP pass. She walks in the dressing room before the show to wish us all luck. Everyone stunned when she came in.

Lexie POV

I got dressed in my favourite cream colour dress with yellow strip as a belt. I got back stage to see the boys. As I walk in, all eyes were on me. I got nervous and bit my lips. Is there something on my face? I search for Harry and he came over to give me a tight hug.

“You look beautiful tonight.” Hr looks down and reach for my lips.

“You too.” I blush. I gave each of the boys a good luck hug and watch them get on stage. The stood on a platform. It was heavenly beautiful at my view.

“The way you look tonight.” Harry sang and points at me. Uncle Simon seems to notice me there and turn to wink. I blush and saw some girls already jealous that Harry points at me. I went back stage again.

“Hi Lexie, Do you remember Eleanor?”Harry asks and pulls me in by my waist. I nod.

“Well, she and Louis turn out pretty well.” He smiles.

“Aw that’s great! I have been dying to catch up with her.” Eleanor is my best friend since fifth grade. I and Harry start hanging out with her. She is very nice and understanding.

“Well come and catch me now.” A sweet voice came from the left side of the room. Eleanor !

“El!” I ran and gave her a hug. We then had milkshake and chat.


Louis POV

“Harry?” I look over to his phone that was beeping. It was Caroline. Harry has been acting very weirdly lately.

“What?” Harry came out of the toilet and took the phone.

“Caroline?” I start. “Are you two-“

“No ! I have Lexie.”

“Harry, I sleep with you.” That came out wrong. “Anyways, I know what’s going on.”

“What’s going on?” Harry sounds curious.

“You fancy Caroline?”

“A guy can flirt all day but still think of one girl before he sleeps.”

“Your eyes don’t shine that much anymore when you look at Lexie.”


“You don’t look at Lexie the way you used to.  I can see it. El can see it. She can see it.”

“She what?”

“Eleanor kindda found her quite down lately. But El got the negative off her, saying it’s the pressure. Harry? Me and the boys really mean it when we sat we don’t want her hurt.”

“The boys know?”

“We live under the same roof. Even Danielle thinks something’s fishie.”

“Well that’s my problem not yours.”

“Lexie is like our little sister. I don’t care who you want to flirt with just don’t break her.” Zayn said. Niall and Liam follow in the room.

“Let’s just get things straight now.” Liam determined.

“What’s with you and Caroline?” Niall asks.

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