Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


8. My bad past.

Chapter 8:
Louis pov
kayla looked at me i knew the whole story so i mouthed ~can i tell??~ kayla nooded. I told them the story. Kayla balled through the whole thing right on liams lap. "So u see kayla had a father when she was little and she was the prettiest little girl she got offers for a modeling job pagents and so many things she was even a good singer then. Her mother and her were super exited but her father said "no shes not pretty enough shes not good enough" liam started to rub my back as i was crying "and so many other things. But one day her father tried to hurt kayla and that was when her mother and him got divorced.  Kayla had an older brother who she was really close with and then he was going to take kayla and make her life the worst.  Her older brother went she cryed for about a week and then she had to go to the hosptial and nobody came for her! Not even her mom! J
The only one who came was her aunt. Her aunt took her home and called her mother but she didnt answer so she would just keep her there untill then that day she realized her mother died so her aunt would be like her mother. And then her aunt was married had a child and in 1 month after got divorced and she treats her brother really well if one small thing goes wrong shes there! She doesnt know where her brother is." he finished at everyone apoligized to kayla and liam just hugged her and she cryed on his sholder. I said "liam come here" "k louis, i'll be right back ok kayla?" liam said.

Kaylas pov
I couldnt belive this i was so scared of liam walking ten feet away from me but i couldnt help it i was extreamly scared Right now.  Every one was on the couch talking exept for liam he was by my side. The docter walked in "are u feeling better?" she asked. "yes i am" i said. Then she asked "are you ok it looks like u have been crying" liam pulled her aside. And talked to her. "ok so sweetie u can go home tommorrow or if we can later today but just expect tommorrow." said the docter then walked out.  "i love u kayla i really do. I always will!" liam said  "i love u too" i said to liam.  "i have huge surprises for u when we get back to ur house. The docter walked in and said "turns out u can go home right now" she said. Yay! Liam got my cruches even tough they pushed me to the car in a wheel chair i went home in liams car.  And we talked. "i just have great news next tuesday is are 1 month aniversary!!! And in 3 weeks we are going to america! And in 2 days is sombodys birthday and i had plenty of time to plan it in the hospital." liam said  "2 days whats today's date??" i asked "um it's nov. 1st"  
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