Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


5. Midnight.

Chapter 5: 
Kaylas pov 
"why did u leave the party u could of stayed and had fun" i said.  " ya but it wouldnt be fun without u." liam said. "awww liam ur so sweet" i said.  We arrived at my house and i unlocked the door for my brother jack. I called my mom. 
Me: mom?? When r u getting home its 8:45 ur never late by a minute!
Mom: i'll be staying at work late until 12:00 tell jack to get to bed k. 
Me: k but mom? Can liam stay over?
Mom: sure but why u and liam havent talked in forever. 
Me: liam and i are dating i promise i'll explain k! 
Mom: alright liam can come over anytime k!
Me: thanks mom gtg bye
Mom: bye.
End of call
"sorry liam my mom talks a bit" i said  " its ok i dont care" he said  " jack u got to go to bed k" i said.  "why do u get to stay up late?" jack said. "jack i'm older and liams over" i said " now get to bed".  "ok" jack said.  After jack left i said  "sorry liam i wish we could go back to the party but we have to stay here in case anything happens sorry." "its fine ur such a great sister to him" liam said.  "awww thanks" i replyed. " do u want to wacth a movie?" "sure but tommorrow i have a surprise!"
"ok" i said smiling.  We picked out a movie and made popcorn.  The movie was great! After that it was only 10:30. "ok so tommorrow we were all planing to go see a movie.  Its a scary movie though not somthing i wouldnt have chosen but niall and zayn wanted to and the girls didnt care louis agreed with them after he heard about the movie. And harry wanted to see somthing nobody knew. So i thought u would be fine." liam said.  " small problem" i said " ive never wacthed a scary movie because i get super scared a tiny things"  "its ok i'll be there" liam said.  "k fine" i said "but i wont like it!".  " i never said u had to like it" liam said. " oh how sweet of u" i sarcasticly said. We talked till 12:00 and my mom arrived. "hey mom" i said. " hey kayla and hey liam , i havent see u in a while." my mom said. " hi Mrs.lenderson how r u?" liam said. "good what about you?" my mom said. "im doing fine." liam said my mom went upstairs. " you know my mom likes u she trusts u she never let james stay past 9:00!" i said. "really?" liam asked. " yup shes kinda strict." i said " just not around u"  " i thought she wasnt strict at all!" Liam said. "thats what she wants u to think she trusts u" i said. We talked till 12:30. " kayla i got to go home dont want to be tired for the movie!"  liam said. " i'll be lucky if i fall asleep." i said liam laughed. Then hugged me said bye then left and i went straight to bed and fell asleep.
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