Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


10. Limo Ride!

Chapter 10:
Liams pov
The bell rang and kayla and i walked out the door and got in the car and drove her home. She was really tired and i had to do alot of work for tommorrow. "hey liam r u staying late tonight? Cuz im really tired" kayla said.  "no not if u dont want me to and u should be tired its ur first full day out of the hospital and u went to school today" i said "and u need a good night rest cuz tommorrows ur birthday!" "ok love u see u tommorrow" kayla said.  "love u too" i said and then left i had alotof work to do!  

Kaylas pov
I ate dinner then went to bed this was my last day being 15!! I cant belive it!! I wanted a sweet 16 party and thats what we where doing i going to invite the girls over and we will hired proffesinal makeup and hair stylists! Then we would get in to our dresses and get a mani pedi at my house and then we would take a limo to a place where we would dance get pictures taken and have fun it was smaller on the amount of people but it was going to be a blast!! Then with that happy note i fell asleep! The next morning liam was there before i go up even though today was a half day and we didnt have school for 2 weeks! My sweet 16 wasnt till tommorrow but my birthday was today liam hugged me and said happy birthday and then i went and got dressed. I walked out and  he said "kayla u look beautiful!!" i blushed and hugged him and said "thanks"   Then liam said "how did u sleep last night?" "well i had a nightmare there was this boy who i was close with and then he left me. To think about it he kinda looked like....." i started crying liam hugged me and said "its ok tell me what happened im here for u"  "liam it looked like ... Like Josh and i cryed and cryed.  "sorry but whos josh?" liam asked. "my mmmm...yyy my brother" he looked at me and said "i'm sorry" then i sat on his lap crying for a while.  "liam?" i said. "ya" liam said. "i need to find josh!" i said "ok we will" said liam. 
Then we got in the car and i called my mom. She answered right away! 
Me: mom??
Mom: whats wrong sweetie? 
Me: wheres josh??
Mom: oh i knew this day would come.
She sighed
Mom: well sweetie i dont really know only ur mother did.
Me: well how will we find out? 
Mom: his names josh.......
Me: kettleberry
Mom: ummm it seems he lives in flordia! Sweetie im sorry thats a long way u cant go!
Me: but i have to i need to see josh!! 
Mom: i know sweetie but maybe another time! 
-end of call- 
"he lives in flordia, and my mom said i couldnt go!!" i said "im sorry kayla i know u want him but fate will bring u together when its time!" liam said. "ok but i thought it was time now" i said "then maybe he'll come around soon k?" liam said. "k" i responded. We walked in to school and my friends said happy brithday to me and then i went to my locker an put my jacket away and there were cards and stuff all over my locker!  I
Hugged all my friends "i love all of u!!" i went to all my classes then art got my stuff and liam drove me home then liam had wrapped gifts for me. "aww liam u didnt have to" i said. "yes i did ur the perfect girl friend" awwwwwwwww i blushed and kissed him on his cheek. I went to my room with liam and ploped on my bed! I opened the first gift and inside was a heart charm necklace that he made!! Aww thats so sweet i hugged him "thank you sooo much liam i love it!!" i said. "np want me to put it on for u??" liam asked  "sure i guess!" i said liam un hooked the lock placed it around my neck then hooked the necklace up again! I picked up another present i carefully opened it and inside was a little necklace holder to put on my night stand and it said I love u kayla~ liam. It was so cute i hugged him soo hard!! "liam i love them both so much!!" i said "theres more surprises today an tommorrow" liam said "liam this was fine u dont have to do anything else!" i said. "ur turning 16 its a big deal!!" liam said. "ok whatever u say!" i said "oh look at the time sweetie im super sorry i have to go but call sam or kim to come k baby girl?" liam said "ok i'll see u tommorrow" i said then hugged and kissed him. Then after he left i felt lonley so i called kim and sam "u guys want to come over??" i asked "umm  y dont u come here??" kim said. "k
Guys see u soon" i said i lived 5 houses away from them so i walked over. Ding Dong! Then they answered the door. "hey girls!!" i said "come in!!!" said kim. "ok guess what?? I got make up to do makeovers"  "really?!" i said "k kim make me beautiful" "done" kim said "u all ready are" "ok then i guess u wont have to do my makeup then!" i said knowing her next words. "NO..... NO i can
Do ur make up still." kim said she did my makeup hair and even picked out an amazing dress.  We did the same for all 3 of us! Then a limo arrived! "kim whats happening??" i asked "well my dad got a free limo ride we had to look good!!" she said "k lets go in" i said. Then the car stopped and sam ran in side a huge house. "ok kayla sam had to pick somthing up about 5 minutes later she didnt come out so we walked in and i said "sam where r u?" sam jumpped up and said "here" "i cant see u its dark....." "SUPRISE!!!!" a whole bunch of people said and the lights turend on the music played. "OMG!! Who?? OMG!!"  i was speechless!!  There where hundreds of people here!!! I hugged all my friends!! "Kim who did all this??" i asked. "turn around" said kim. "wh..." kim
Intrupted with "just do it" liam was there!!! OMG "U DID THIS ALL??" i asked.  "yup but with the help of the guys" liam said there was a "cough cough, sorry just CLEARING my throut" sam said.  "and the girls" liam added. I hugged liam! "oh ya i have somthing for u!" we walked in to a bed room "here u go u left it at school" all the notes were ther i read them all then paused at i know where ur brother really is!!
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