Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


11. instagram

Please go on to instagram for this @1Dfanficgirl if u dont have instagram then kik me at palmtree2000! If u have none of this give me another way to contact me such as email or text plus or what ever please keep in mind i would have to send u pictures!! Also i deeply apolagize but the chapter got deleted but it was already on instagram so i have the pics sorry about this i understand its not enjoyable!! I'll try my best to make it easy! For u!! I might put up a blog and just post the pictures!! I'll tell u the name!! Its not working out this moment but email me and brookietrout2000@comcast.net and i'll send the fan fic 2 u!!
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