Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


7. Hurt!

Chapter 7: 
he kissed me on the cheek and we walked in to school holding hands. We caught up with the boys and told them i knew! Then suddenly we saw James! "kayla" he grabbed my sholders."i love u i really really love u" he shook me then i said "get away now!!  I dont like u anymore u had ur chance and u cheated on me so bye" i said he punched me and my whole world went black then i heard people getting in to a fight and someone picking me up but after that i heard or felt nothing. I
Woke up in a weird room! I tried getting up but wires were connected to me! What?? Then i heard someone open the door knob. Liam walked in! "kayla ur awake and ok!!" liam said he hugged me. "The docter said he punched u really hard and u might be in a coma but he found out that u just might be in pain for awhile" 
I looked at my legs "what happened to my leg?" i asked. "you broke it badly he tried hurting u more after he punch u, u could have been out forba year if the boys didnt hold him back from u!" liam said. "where are they?" i asked. "well they stayed here the first week but then their parents told them to get work done but i couldnt only once did my parents send me to school when u were here but everything reminded me of u so i couldnt go" liam answered. "a week how long was i out?" i asked " about 3 weeks!" said liam. 3 weeks!! "then i heard a knock on the door the boys came in and so did my friends. "guys be quite because she does feel to good k" liam said. Kim and sam were my best friends of all and they walked up and kim said "Im so sorry we havent talked about anything when u know THAT BOY did that mean thing to u i just thought u were fine but me and sam were bored to death with out u!  We love u and we were very sad" sam replyed with " i know we havent been here for u but u got liam and we thought that was good but i thought about how i would feel, sorry girl!"  "its fine guys! I love u!" and hugged them. Louis  walked over and said "if u were wondering liam told me he liked u and i knew the whole time!!". He hugged me  "i missed u!" louis was like an older brother to me me and my brother were very very close but my parents got divorced and he went with my dad. So i wouldnt have to my dad never belived in me and then right then i started crying!! "whats wrong" liam said. "im just so happy i have such great friends to help me through tough times" i looked at louis he knew why and mouthed ~can i tell??~ i nooded. Louis told them the story. I balled through the whole thing right on liams lap.-end of chapter- ~ what will they do???
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