Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


12. Gifts!?!?

Chapter 12:
The night was over and i was soo tierd!  I was staying later with liam and my closer friends. "kayla look over there" liam pointed to a table with presents on it. "what LIAM!! Why didnt u tell people not to bring stuff??" i said. "cuz i love u" liam said. I rolled my eyes and naill said "liam i think shes annoyed" niall laughed.  I looked at naill "really?" i said. "ya" said naill "go get them and open them i want to see them!!" i got liam to help me and we dragged the table over to where we were! "i need u to open mine first or else police woman louis will bring u to jail" naill said. "hey!!!!!!!" said louis. "naill i'll open ur first k just tell me what one it is!" i said naill handed me a big bag and laughed then inside was a envolpe at the bottom i opened it up it said �� i hope u loved the big bag and the stuff in the envolpe�� there was a gift card to any store!! "thanks Naill for the big bag and the gift card!" i said.  Then louis handed me a random thing. I looked at the envolpe it said james i knew i shouldnt open it but i had to. The card said �� im very mad because i love u and not that other girl but i had to i just did now about liam u need to stop dating him NOW or i'll come after him! I hurt u i can hurt him im still mad at u but i cant help that i love u!! �� i started crying! Liam looked at the card and hugged me. "im not scared of him ok!! Now dont worry ok" 
Liams pov
I HATED james making kayla feel this way kayla fell asleep and looked at the rest of the gift an i love u pillow!!! Kaylas my girlfriend and i was so mad at james maybe i should just tell someone! But who he did threaten to hurt me and he hurt kayla!! It just killed me kayla was crying so bad i mean it was nice to know she cared that much about me but it made me sad. "ok we are calling the police right now" said kim. "u dont deserve this kayla an he hurt u and is threating us so i know my choice is right." kim walked in to another room and called " they said we had to go in and talk to them and show them that he really did this stuff!" kim said. "does kayla have to go??" i asked "no i dont think so we just need things to prove what he did the school knows and we have the card and the school has his signature as well and he signed the card kim and harry went that night and i stayed with kayla it was 12:30 but we didnt have school tommorrow. "ok kayla why dont u finish opening ur gifts ok kayla" i said i needed somthing to distract her! "ok" the next gift she opened was from louis she opend it and in the card was a letter that said ��thanks for being such a great friend and helping us out with our band.�� ther was also money in the card and in the bag was a microphone that recorded songs. I saw the exitment on her face as she hugged louis and said thanks! She sat back on my lap and the opened the next present from
Kim and sam.  She opened it
And there was a Mac laptop. "OMG Sam!!!! U know ive wanted this forever!!!" kayla said. I loved how cute she looked when she was happy!!! She opened the next present from zayn inside was a gift card to any store and a pass to an water park it was a pass for 2 people. she hugged zayn "thanks zayn" she said.  Harry got her a gift card. And haylee and lily got her tons and tons of bath and body works stuff! And then i
Walked out of the room for a seconed and got the present i got for her she opened it up and there was a pet carrier! Then i said "open it up." she opened it up and saw a puppy jack russel. "LIAM u got me a jack russel!?!?!? Thank u thank u soo much" kayla hugged me and kissed me on the cheek! "ur welcome sweetie" i said "well what are u going to name it??!!!?!?!?!" asked naill. "ummmm Jack is his first name and his middle name is LIAM!! I would make it his first name but that would confuse people!" kayla said. Aww kaylas so sweet!! I loved her so much!  "thanks kayla" i said. "thanks?? Ur the one that got me a dog!!" kayla said.  "i know but ur just so sweet!" liam said. Then kayla opened the rest of the gifts they were mostly gift cards and money. Then kayla opened the last gift from all of us there was a card. 
Kaylas pov
I opened the card it said "we all love u like family (exept liam loves u like a girlfriend)" only naill could make somthing sweet, funny too! "we didnt know what u wanted but we all settled on somthing we knew u would love we r giving u somthing special that u can enjoy with ur friends (and boyfriend)" niall really has to stop pointing out liam! "we also wanted u to remember this night! Every moment of it! So we hired a person to take pictures and videos of today and we will give u them later we also gave u a few other things as well look in the bag! Love,
Every one exept liam
Lots of love,
That was all naill was crazy bit i opened inside was a beach bag. "hey kayla i have a secret theres stuff inside too" naill said i looked inside. There was a towel, bathing suit, sun screen, and a little bag to put my phone with an envolpe sticking out!  I opened the envolpe there was a plane ticket....... to HAWAII!! I hugged everyone. "OMG u didnt have to do this, this is too much." i said "kayla ur family to all of us we all love u and want u to have an amazing time on ur birthday we r going for a week leaving on tuesday because its somebobys specail day 2 people really!! U and liam will have been dating for 1 month!!" said louis. When louis said that i was very exited and i hugged liam and sat on his lap. "u guys mean the world to me! I mean if u werent there in the hospital with me id still be there! Im sorry i never told u" i said crying i curled in to a ball in liams lap and he brought me to his room and said "kayla your an amazing girl i know ur life shouldnt be bad u should never cry or be treated badly.  If i knew when u were little i would have been there as soon as i could but im sorry i cant fix this and ur the only one who can i know it bugs u and u wish it never happened but just think of somthing happy when ur sad" liam said the word ment the world to me they couldnt have just come out of anyones mouth it had to be liams to make me feel better. "i'll just think of u when im sad" i said and yawned. 
Liams pov
That really ment alot to me i rubbed her back and she fell asleep in seconds and then i went down stairs. "is she ok??" asked louis. "ya shes fine but shes sleeping so dont go up" i said.  "im really scared for kayla bad memorys came back to her and more are being made!! This James wont stay away." louis said. "i know kaylas sweet and she deserves better then this!!  James is making her life and mine suck i cant stand to see kayla like this!" i said. I looked at the boys tears coming to my eyes. They fell and i was crying.  I love kayla with all my heart and it hurts me so badly. I stopped crying and then they all left and i went upstairs with kayla. I crawled in bed with her and fell asleep.
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