Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


2. Get Away!

Real chapter 2: Then reached over to get the water knocking down a photo Alubm on the fridge i picked up and tgrew it back on the ground with anger! "james how how could u" i ran out the door crying. I started to run home and james chased me and grabbed my sholders. "kayla im sorry i love u not her" said james. "oh so u love me so u run along and find another girl yet still date me u make me feel special and like im the only one!  U cant do that to me!! I went along with it u made me feel stupid let go of me!!!!" i said.  "no not untill u forgive me" james said.  "looks like youll be here forever then" i said.  "no ur gonna forgive me RIGHT NOW!!!!!" he slaped me across the face.  "let go!!" i said suddenly a car drove by and pulled in to james drive way! He opened the car door. I was struggling to get free when liam steps out!! "whats going on?" liam asks. "ill explain later get him off me" i yelled.  Liam pulled James off me. I ran over to liams car and james tried to follow but liam push james in side liam ran to the car and yelled "GET IN!" james ran out the door and i hopped in the car. Buckled up and Liam drove the car as fast as he could and james was running after. Once we got off the street james was far behind and we went slower now! I was still crying in the car.  " explain now what happened back there??" liam said. " i went to get butter for the popcorn and water. Then i knocked over a photo album and i looked at it it was a photo album with him and another girl and the date was last week it said 1 month of us and ive been dating him for a year now. So i ran out crying abd said how could u he ran after me and said he didnt love her he loved me i told him to let go and he said not until u forgive me. I said we'll be here forever then and he slapped me then u came......... Wait y did u come???" i said. "Oh well we all wanted to hang out at kim's house today and her house was on the way so i was going to pick u up if u wanted to go! Do u want to?" liam asked. "ya it sure would be nice if i could hang out with my friends after today." i said.  " i know but ur day was much worse" said liam. " why thank you" i said sarcaticly. "well thats not what i ment." liam said. " i know" i replyed. Then the car was silent.  Until we got there liam pulled over the car and didnt get out or unlock it. So i just sat there like it was normal. His day was hard too. " kayla??" liam said "ya" i replyed. "i like you... Alot."
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