Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


1. First day!

Real chapter 1: today was the first day of school i through on a pair of super skinny jeans and a cut short rue21 top with a big heart on the frount.  I ate ceral and waited for my friends to pick me up! They finally arrived and i hopped in the car. Our ride was very fast and shortly we were at school.  The first day of school was just meeting people really!  I ment my teachers and saw all of my classes.  -end of the day- my friends drove me home and i went to go see if my brother was home yet there was a letter on the counter saying he'd be home at  8:00 but mom would be home at 8:30 so he'd be fine! I wanted to invite my friends over but id have to call mom and she never picks up!  So i'd just go on a walk when i got home my phone rang!  Me: Hello? James: hey Kayla want to come over?? Me: sure ive got nothing to do anyway! James: i dont either! Me: k when?? James: now i guess. Me: k james how will i get there? James: umm drive i guess....... Me: hey james James: ya  me: i cant drive! James: oh ya next year though right?? Me: i hope! James: ha ha k i'll pick u up k see u soon! Me: k love ya! james: love u too! Bye. Me: bye
-end of phone call- 
James was 2 years older then me he could drive i couldnt!  After 5 min. James arrived we got in the car.  "how was ur day kayla?" james said "great what about urs?" "good i guess" said james " james are u ok u seem distracted" "i just am thinking about things" "what things?" "everything " "oh" 
We finally got to his house and we wacthed a movie i dont know the name though 15 min. Through the movie the door bell rang james sighed and paused the movie and got up. He opened the door and said "hi" " hey is kayla here?" " ya" james said "kayla come here" 
Liam was standing at the door i could tell he was sad but i didnt know why. " hey james can i talk to liam for a sec i need to see whats up!". " k Kayla dont be long i'll just make popcorn." "k". James walked away.  "whats wrong" i asked liam. "nothings wrong" liam said " ok so u came here just to say hey??" i said sarcasticly " no... It's just..... I saw... Somthing... And ...now" he started crying " liam its ok spit it out". I said.  "mmmmmmmmmm........ Mm .. Maggie ...... She .... Cheated ... On ...... Me!!!" said liam.  "well thats mean but that proves shes mean anyway! Just forget about her!!  I
Knew she was mean from the start everyone did but u were in love so we just didnt want to hurt u but i swear we didnt ever once think shed cheat though. Im so sorry" i hugged liam. "thanks kayla" " np" i said " now not to be mean but u have to go cuz james is almost done with the popcorn!". " ok kayla bye" " bye"  i walked in the kicthen. "need help with anything??" i asked. "umm ya can i get butter and water?"  james asked.  "k" i said i walked over to the frige and got the butter. Then reached over to get the water knocking down a photo Alubm on the fridge i picked up and tgrew it back on the ground with anger!
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