Hard life!

A girl named kayla had a hard past and now her boyfriend cheats on her and wants to hurt her although her friends are always giving a helping hand when they try to stop him he just comes back. Meanwhile liam just lost his girlfriend behind! So many things are going on!


9. 1st day back!

Chapter 9:
Kaylas pov
We got home i took a shower and got dressed and liam and i went to a restrunt.  The food was amazing. "u having a good time?" liam asked. "yup" i said "this is just like what we do on the first week of school!" "oh ya we r doing that another time we didnt want to do that with out u!" liam said. "awww thats so so sweet!" i said. We finished dinner and we wanted to go to the beach but i have a boot on my foot and liam said "we can go when my cast is taken off". "k" i said. It was really weird because i had a cast and a boot on my leg because i broke my ankle and leg and they cant put a cast on my ankle! So we just went to my house and just hung out!" i fell asleep so liam brought me upstairs and put me in bed and kissed my forhead even though it was only 10:00 i didnt feel the best. The next morning liam was there before i even woke up i wore jeans but i had to roll up one side to my knees! And i wore a cute rue 21 top!  Then liam helped me get down the stairs. "laim did u eat yet?" i asked "no" he said "oh do u want ceral" i asked "sure" he said then we ate i grabbed my stuff and went to school. I guess louis needed a ride so we picked him up. "hey louis" i said. "hey kayla" louis said "hey, hows this year going" liam asked louis. "good but its kinda weird cuz we r used to hanging with u 2 and we didnt cuz u were at the hospital" louis responded "kayla dont worry over all its a good school" it was my first year her but liams 2.  "id love to help u get around said liam but i dont have any of the same classes as u cuz ur younger" liam said. "nope ur wrong there" i said to liam "im in all of ur classes" "im happy but how?" liam asked. "cuz im smart" i said "yaaaaaaayyyyyy" louis and liam yelled. "ok first of all owwwww, second of all people can hear u so shut up" i said.  "first of all sorry i forgot ur head still hurts, second WHOCARES!!" louis said and yelled on who cares!! "me" i said. "ohhh" louis said. We got to school and liam helped me out and handed me my cruches. He held my stuff when we got to school we went to the nurse to see if she had any instructions! "ok u have to leave classes 10 minutes early, take the elevator, and its ok if ur late to class rooms! They know!  And liam u know the way around" he nodded and we left we skipped homeroom and went to math first!  "Hi Kayla" said Mrs.marryson "are u feeling better?"  "ya i guess" i said.  Liam asked "Is James still here?" "Well he wasnt for 3 weeks but he got back 4 day ago!" the teacher said "dont worry though we have teachers in the halls now keeping an extra special eye on him" i got seated on the frount corner right by the door in every class so we could leave early. It was at the end of the day and we had art. We were making little things out of clay and we would write what color we wanted it to be because every one painted theres today so we made tiny things out of clay to get back tommorrow! 
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