Angel From Heaven

Akina is the Master angel of Earth and she has been assigned to a new task study in normal school. But pretending to be a average girl is harder then what it seems.


1. First friend

I tossed my brown hair and smiled today I, Akina master angel of earth was going to be 16 year old average girl Akina Angel. I missed everyone my family, my friends my boyfriend Touya I was going to miss everyone for 3 months while I was on a task from the lead angel to see if I could live in the human world for 3 months. I looked at the engagement ring on my finger from Touya and smiled he really was a angel sent from heaven. I looked at my planner English with Ms.Nate room 7. I looked at someone to ask where my class was when I noticed a boy with black hair staring at me.

"Excuse me do you know where room 7 is?" I asked the boy.

"I'm in the same class as you I'm Charlie King" the boy replied taking his hand out.

"Akina Angel" I mumbled.

"Akina wow thats a beautiful name" Jake exclaimed.

"umm thanks should we go to lesson" I asked blushing.

"Yeah come on" Jake mumbled pulling me with him. I smiled I had got a new friend.

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