Horror from Hell

she's calling
she's calling her
Mikayla is scared her parents and her sister was dead or that's what everyone says. But Mikayla doesn't know the truth and the truth is far worse then reality.


1. Secrets

I walked into the graveyard looking for my parents gravestone. The dark black sky and the eery creepy noise frightened me. Every step I took made me look back like I was followed then I laughed what was I doing here at 12pm in a graveyard instead of sleeping at my auntie's house then I remembered I had to find out did my parents and my sister really die. My whole life had been full of secrets. I walked around each graveyard looking for my family's name but they were of other people. Where was my parents gravestone.

remember 4 years ago that they had been burried right here. I flash my torch everyone pinching my eyes to see the names it was very hard to see in the dark why didn't I come in the morning or with someone else. It was very cold I took deep breath and rubbed my hands together trying to keep warm. When I heard a laugh coming from somewhere. I shouted and started running anyway. Then stopped and looked around where was I. I looked at the gravestone and screamed there was my name and today's date. I screamed and shouted frightened why was there my gravestone and today's date. I wasn't dead when I felt someone grab me.

I turned around and screamed. 

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