Save You Tonight

This is Book 1 of what I hope to be a 1D fan fic series. If all goes to plan there will be 3 books in this series. Thank you 1D_gurl13 for the inspiration to do this I hope you and everyone else will like this.


9. Chapter 9

-Niall's POV-


I woke first the next morning. I glanced across at Zoe she was still asleep. She looked so cute sleeping. I lay watching her for about half an hour until she finally woke. "Good morning beautiful" I said smiling.

"Morning" she replied. 

"So you ready for the walk down the mountain?" I asked smiling. Zoe groaned. "Do you we have to?" 

I laughed. "I told you yesterday I'll carr-" I was cut of my Zoe playfully pushing me over. "Your not carrying me down" she said laughing. "Whatever gorgeous" I replied smiling. Zoe smiled back and sat down next to her bag. "Err Niall, how do you expect me to get changed?" asked Zoe. "Well I don't mind seeing you naked" I replied grinning. Zoe groaned and rolled onto her stomach. "You don't have another choice hun" I said trying not to laugh. Zoe groaned again and rolled over. "Fine but don't look."

"I'm not making any promises there gorgeous" I replied smiling. She got up and pulled out a pair of jeans and a tight pink top. 


-Zoe's POV-


I got out a simple pair of black jeans and a tight pink top. I hesitated for a moment and looked across at Niall. He was lying on his sleeping bag watching me like I was a movie. I blushed and looked down at the clothes I was holding. "Are you really gonna watch me?" I asked holding back a smile. "Yep" Niall replied smiling. I groaned and took off my top blushing and looking down. I quickly put on a bra and the top. I heard Niall laughing. "Shut up Niall" I said fighting back a laugh. I looked across at him, he was smiling. I looked away quickly. I changed my trousers quickly. "Are you not gonna get ready?" I asked while I started to brush my hair. "Hmm well you would have to see me naked" replied Niall wiggling his eyebrows. I glared at him, there wasn't anywhere to go and I didn't much like the idea of sitting outside waiting. Before I could do anything Niall was getting changed. I looked across not realising that he was naked. I quickly looked away blushing. "Don't pretend you don't want it" teased Niall. I blushed more looking down. I heard Niall moving around then Niall saying. "Okay I'm ready." I looked across and sure enough he was ready. We went outside and began the walk down the mountatin,

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