Save You Tonight

This is Book 1 of what I hope to be a 1D fan fic series. If all goes to plan there will be 3 books in this series. Thank you 1D_gurl13 for the inspiration to do this I hope you and everyone else will like this.


8. Chapter 8

-Zoe's POV-


"Niall can we stop I't tired" I groaned before we even got half way. Niall laughed.

"No we aren't stopping because if by the time you get to the top your legs hurt everyday we are going to walk up and down it for food so I'll get to carry my beautiful baby" he teased. I groaned. "Are you serious? We have to do this everyday?" Niall laughed. "No you don't have to cause I'm gonna be carrying my baby" I laughed and started walking quicker to keep up with Niall. He grinned and took my hand walking quicker dragging along after him. I laughed and tripped up a through times. When we finally got to the top I knew the climb had been worth it. The view was magnificent. The sun had started the set in the distance and the fields below seemed so clean and peaceful. "Oh Niall its beautiful up here" I whispered. 

"I know, almost as beautiful as you" he whispered in my ear, grabbing me from behind and pulling me close to him. I smiled. "I sure hope you know how to put up a tent cause I don't" I said smiling up at him. 

"You mean your going to make me do it myself and your not going to pay me?" said Niall. I looked at him confused. He laughed and tapped his cheek. I knew what he meant. I stood on my tip toes and lightly kissed his cheek. "Happy now?" I teased. "Yes" he replied. We both laughed and Niall got to work setting up the tent. I sat not far away and watched in silence.   "Are you not bored of staring at me yet? I mean you've done it everyday since I found you" teased Niall. I blushed.

"I'll never get bored of staring at you" I whispered. 

"And I'll never get bored of embarrassing you" teased Niall. I laughed.

"Yeah I kinda guessed that already." Niall smiled and got back to putting up the tent. It didn't take long for him to set it up. I was lying down on the grass when Niall came over and dragged me inside the tent. "Seriously Niall you couldn't of just let me walk?" I asked trying not to laugh. "Nope" he said. I grinned. We lay out the sleeping bags and lay down. 

"Do you wanna play a game?" asked Niall after a while.

"Sure what kinda game?" I replied.

"Well I ask you a question and you tell me the answer, I get to ask you five questions then you can ask me five" Niall explained. I nodded in agreement.

"Okay err are you a virgin?" Niall asked. 

"Yes" I replied simply.

"Great! How old are you?" Niall continued.

"Eighteen" I replied.

"What's your hobby?" he asked.

"Reading or writing" I said blushing and looking down.

"Favourite music?" he asked.

"Definitely pop!" I exclaimed.

"Err right now who do you want to live with me or your mum?" asked Niall nervously. I hesitated for a minute. I could lie to him but that wouldn't be fair. "You" I whispered. He smiled. "Okay your turn to ask me"

-Niall's POV-


"Okay Who's your crush?" asked Zoe. I hesitated and looked down. I should of known she'd ask me this. Well I guess this was the time to tell her.  "Err you" I said quietly.  I glanced across at her she was blushing, I couldn't help but smile.

 "How old are you?" she asked.

"Eighteen same as you" I replied smiling.

"What's your most embarrassing moment?" asked Zoe.

"Erm when Louis pulled my pants down at a service station" I replied laughing. Zoe laughed as well. 

"What instruments do you play?" she asked. I could tell she was running out of ideas.

"Guitar" I replied.

"What would you change about yourself?" asked Zoe.

"Um I dunno really, I don't want to change, for anyone" I replied with a smile.

"Good, Er are you a virgin?" said Zoe smiling.

"Yes"I finished. We were both tiered by the end of the game. We lay down in our sleeping bags and fell asleep immediately.

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