Save You Tonight

This is Book 1 of what I hope to be a 1D fan fic series. If all goes to plan there will be 3 books in this series. Thank you 1D_gurl13 for the inspiration to do this I hope you and everyone else will like this.


7. Chapter 7

-Niall's POV-


I woke up the next morning at 7am. I looked at Zoe, she was still asleep. I didn't want to wake her, she looked to cute. Instead I sat watching her. At 8am she finally woke up and looked me. "Now who's staring at who" She mumbled sleepily.  "Morning beautiful" I said laughing. She giggled "So what are we doing today?" 

"Well I know this mountain not far away we could camp-" I was cut off by Zoe saying. "Say no more I'm in" 

I looked at her "You like camping?" I asked.

"I love camping" she replied. I smiled and got off her bed letting her get up as well. She walked off into the bathroom to get washed while I packed us some clothes and got down the tent.


-Zoe's POV-


By the time I came out of the bathroom Niall had everything packed. I still had no clothes of my own so for me he had had to pack Harry's sister's clothes. Conveniently Harry's sister was the same bra size as me! It was very awkward when Niall asked me but I told him anyway and luckily he didn't make a scene out of it. When we had finished packing (apparently we were going camping for a week) we had breakfast-coco pops.  By the time we were ready it was 11:30am. "You ready to go then?" Niall asked. 

"Yep" I replied. Niall smiled and picked up the bags containing our clothes and the tent. I took my bag of him and we walked down to the car. "So where is this mountain?" I asked as we pulled away from the hotel. 

"About about two hours away" Niall replied. "But it takes a bit of time to get up as well, we should be at the top by three."

I stared at him shocked. "Are you trying to kill my legs or me?" I asked teasingly.

"Hmm definitely your legs because then I'd have to carry you everywhere" he teased. I laughed. We drove in silence for a while. At around half 12 my stomach groaned loudly making me blush. Niall laughed. "You hungry then?" he asked. 

"I wonder how you guessed that" I replied laughing.

"Just a wild guess" Niall laughed. We stopped outside ASDA and walked in to the cafe. "So what do you want to eat then beautiful?" asked Niall. 

I giggled and blushed. It always made me blush when he called me beautiful or whenever he talked to me for that matter. "I'll have whatever your having" I said.

"Okay gorgeous" Niall replied. He ordered us both a plate of chips which we ate quickly before heading back out to the car. We spent the rest of the car ride in silence.

We finally got to the mountain it looked huge just standing at the bottom. "You ready then hun?" asked Niall.

"Sure thing Nially" I replied laughing. He laughed and we began the climb.

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