Save You Tonight

This is Book 1 of what I hope to be a 1D fan fic series. If all goes to plan there will be 3 books in this series. Thank you 1D_gurl13 for the inspiration to do this I hope you and everyone else will like this.


4. Chapter 4

-Zoe's POV- 


I was so happy that Niall had found me. It upset me though that my mum hadn't tried to find me. I mean she knew where I had been going that night so she could of at least looked couldn't she? It seemed like she didn't care any more. Maybe I didn't care either. I had Niall now. "So what would you like beautiful?" asked Niall as we got closer to McDonald's. 

"Er I'll have whatever your having I've never been and I trust that you'll pick something good" I said smiling at him. He smiled back. "Well you guessed right" he replied. I laughed. We went through the drive through Niall had said something about not wanting to make a scene whatever that meant. I still couldn't remember where I recognised him from and it was driving me crazy. I sat in silence while Niall ordered. He got us a bacon and sausage sandwich each and a cup of hot chocolate. Personally I thought it was quite a weird start to the day but I didn't say anything.  "Don't eat yet, I want to take you somewhere" Niall ordered. 

"Yes Master" I teased. It was great being with Niall. I could joke with him and be myself. He drove us to a field and helped me out of the car. I carried our breakfasts and he took us to a spot next to the woods. It was beautiful. The Tree's swayed lightly in the wind, the grass was soft and the sky shone brightly. We sat down. "Okay you can eat now" said Niall.  "Thanks Master" I replied sarcastically. I opened up the sandwich and took a bite. It was delicious. Niall laughed "I knew you'd like it" I smiled and finished the rest of my sandwich then drunk my hot chocolate. We sat in silence for a little while finishing up out breakfasts. Niall finished just before me and lay down on the grass shutting his eyes. I knew he wasn't sleeping but he looked just as cute as when he had been sleeping earlier. I sat and watched him he opened one eye and smirked "Your staring at me again" he said teasingly. I blushed.

"I was not staring, I was watching" I said laughing.

"Yep whatever you say Hun whatever you say" He said. 

I smiled and took off my cardigan gently hitting him over the head with it. He sat up and grabbed my arms smiling. "What was that for?" he asked. I shrugged. "I got bored"

"Well you really shouldn't say that with me around" Niall replied with a grin. I didn't have time to answer he stood me up smiled and grabbed my arms spinning me around. It wasn't long before my legs lifted off the floor. I screamed and laughed. "Niall put me down you fool" I shouted. He did I fell to the floor dizzy and laughing. Niall sat down next to me. "Well I did warn you" he teased. I smiled. We spent the rest of the day at the same spot (well apart from going back again to McDonald for lunch). I'm guessing Niall loves it. Either that or he just loves food. It got dark and we headed home. It had been a great day and I secretly hoped it would be the start of many.

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