Save You Tonight

This is Book 1 of what I hope to be a 1D fan fic series. If all goes to plan there will be 3 books in this series. Thank you 1D_gurl13 for the inspiration to do this I hope you and everyone else will like this.


20. Chapter 19

-Niall's POV-

We tickled Zoe for just over an hour. It really was her weakness and I loved it. I loved to see her laugh it was so cute but Harry had pointed out that since it was morning the people in the other rooms wouldn't really appreciate hearing Zoe screaming in laughter. I was so happy that we were together it was like a dream come true, no it WAS a dream come true. 

I laughed as I untied her she was red in the face and not surprisingly as soon as she was untied tried to run. I wasn't letting her get away that easily though. I grabbed her back pinning her to the bed again. "Sorry babe but it had to be done you had to know not to call me evil" I teased. She groaned. "Okay okay I'm sorry I won't do it again" she replied. "Niall can we give her presents now?" begged  Harry.

"Guys you shouldn't of got me presents, I'm lucky just to have you all in my life!" Zoe said sitting up. 

"We wanted to get you presents and when you put all our presents together it makes the perfect outfit for tonight!" said Louis smiling. Again Zoe groaned. "What's special about tonight?" she demanded. 

"We're taking you out for dinner" replied Liam. 

"No you aren't you already spend way to much on me, no way are you taking me out"

"Please babe for me?" I begged making puppy dog eyes. That got her she gave in and agreed. She was just to easy to persuade. That's one of the many reason's I loved her.

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