Save You Tonight

This is Book 1 of what I hope to be a 1D fan fic series. If all goes to plan there will be 3 books in this series. Thank you 1D_gurl13 for the inspiration to do this I hope you and everyone else will like this.


18. Chapter 17

-Zoe's POV-

It had been almost 2 months since Niall found me. We had talked to my mum she said she had been looking everywhere for me and then blamed Niall for not being able to find me! She had tried to ban me from going anywhere near him and had nearly thrown him out the house but she didn't. After I had explained the story to her and after a lot of begging she had finally gave in and let me move in with Niall! I had promised that I would call every week and that we would still see each other. So far I had only managed the calling part, I hadn't seen her yet probably because when she suggested it when we were talking on the phone I had agreed but only if Niall could come as well. She hadn't been happy about that and had said she had to go. It was really starting to annoy me that she didn't approve of him. He was just a friend! Sure I wanted us to be more than friends but I didn't know if he wanted that. If we were ever more than friends I don't know what she'd do! She already hated me hanging out with him even more the fact that I lived with him. 

Today was my birthday August 19th. Niall had went out 'shopping'. I knew he was lying when he told me that he never went shopping that I had learned in the time I was with him. He always had it delivered to his house. When he had told me I had made the terrible mistake of calling him lazy, it ended up with him tickling me for an hour and then being tied to the bed for another hour in case I tried to get 'revenge'. I sighed and sat down on the settee waiting for Niall to come back. The guys were coming over at about 1pm then most likely staying for the rest of the day. I'd said they could come round earlier but apparently they wanted to give me and Niall some time alone. Finally the door opened. I smiled and tried to look calm. It was hard. "Hey beautiful" said Niall as he closed the door. "Hey" I replied cheerfully. I sat up smiling I looked across at him. He wasn't holding any bags, he did though have a box which he held carefully in his arms. He walked into the kitchen quickly pecking me on the lips on his way past. I grinned and followed him. As soon as I entered the kitchen I felt Niall's arms wrap around me I smiled. Not long after Niall produced a smaller box and held it in front of me. I spun around so I was facing him and took the box, opening it slowly. I gasped as I saw what was in side. There was a beautiful Lilac sea glass necklace with earrings to match. "Oh Niall they are so beautiful" I said as I put the earrings in. I took out the necklace and was about to put it around my neck when I felt Niall take it from my hands he said "May I?" I nodded and turned. I felt his hands gently brush my hair to the side and his cool fingers brushing against my neck as he secured it. Before I had the chance to say anything Niall was leading me over to the table where the bigger box was lay. "As you know I don't like to bake and I didn't want you knowing what I was doing so babe's I bought you it instead" He opened the box to reveal a beautifully decorated cake with a piece of pink heart shaped card tucked into the middle. "That's amazing Niall" I said smiling I kissed his cheek. "Oh and by the way your so lazy" I added teasingly. "You sure you want to call me that again babe, the boys will be over soon and I'm sure they'd love to help me punish you" he replied grabbing me and pulling me to him. I groaned. "Okay your not lazy but that is pretty evil" I said. I could hear Niall chuckling softly. "Okay babe whatever you say now look at the card" ordered Niall. I smiled and took the card carefully out of the cake wiping the icing off I opened it up. It read...  

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