To Your Health!

Inspired very simply while drinking vodka XD


1. To Your Health!

“Za vashe zdorovie!”

“Na zdorovie!”

The cries of the party rise and fall like the crescendo of an orchestra.

Laughter erupts as jokes are swapped in the air and smiles can be seen all around on dirt covered faces and, for once, rifles are laid aside having been replaced with shots of vodka.

Momentary silence as everyone gulps and then a sudden cheer.

It doesn’t take long before glasses and mugs are refilled and conversation to resume.

“At last we are free!”, “Fuck Hitler!”, “A toast! To Mother Russia! May no one subdue her.”

Raised glasses and again, momentary silence.

This time silence endures. Memories of the past years flash through the minds of those present.

Memories of struggle, starvation, pain, pressure and loss,

Memories of anger, fury, revenge, loathing and murder.

Comrades one and all, alive and dead, soldier and civilian, man and woman, adult and child,

The people deemed `sub-human` by those less  human than any group in history, proved their humanism, their courage and their strength against both man and machine, nature and artificial.

To the men and women of Mother Russia, “Za vashe zdorovie.”

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