Maybe Someday

Miley Burrows was an average One Direction fan till she meets up with the boys and her whole world gets turned upside down and inside out.


3. The concert

The next day I woke up so excited I checked my clock 10:00am I better start getting ready to go shopping!! I went downstairs and got some breakfast then came back up to have a shower, after my shower I looked at the clock 11:26, I put on a light green skirt with a white tank top and light blue vans I dried my hair with my towel then put on some light foundation and some mascara, I looked in the mirror and smiled at my reflection, I grabbed my bag and waited in the lounge room downstairs , I herd a nock on the door I walked to the door and opened it  "Hey, are you as excited as I am!!" she said "oh my gosh yes" I replied. We waited in the car for Gorgia, when Gorgia came out, she drove us to the mall after a lot of searching and looking we finished and went home I ended up with, white jeans, a One Direction top and red vans, Lola ended up with a white skirt, an Irish top and and dark green vans, We spent about $180 each. I looked at the clock it was 2:55pm I went into the bathroom and started curling my hair, Lola straightened her hair we both got ready then applied a lot of makeup, I checked the clock again 5:15pm it said the concert doesn't start till 7:30pm we went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple each, after we were finished we went up to Gorgias room, "hey, gorgia are you....whoaw" I said as I walked in she looked beautiful, " what is it to much?" she asked "no it's just I've never seen you like this Before you look gorgeous, beautiful, amazing" I said "oh really thanx" she said "are you ready?" I asked "yep lets go" she said. We walked down stairs and got into the car, blasting one thing on the stereo, we finally arrived, when we got inside it was realy dark a couple of lights were on but there still wasn't much light, as the boys came onto the stage, every girl in the whole stadium started screaming and I was like yeah yeah a couple songs went by till we got to my favourite song, 
Gotta Be You, when it came to the chorus Harry pointed to me and at the end of the concert he blew me a kiss. Lola and I went back stage with a couple of other girls that had backstage passes, Harry looked excited to see me "you look amazing" he whisperd in my ear "dido" I said, the girls asked questions and got hugs at the end, me and Lola stayed back stage on Harry's request, once the other girls were gone Harry pecked me on the cheek and I said hello to the boys "hey Miley" said the boys as they all hugged me at once, lola was so star struck, Niall waved his hand in front of her face "are you alright?" he asked "yeah, it's just amazing that I'm meeting you guys right now" she said tears coming from her eyes "happy tears, I hope" Niall said "of course" she said wiping her tears away "awwww" said the boys as they all hugged her at once. After about an hour we went to the hotel and sat on the couch and ate Nandos. "you wanna do something tommorrow" asked Harry "yeah that's sounds nice" I said "I'm realy tired I'm gonna go to bed" I said "k bye Miley" said everyone "Can I come" asked Harry "course Hazza" I said, I went into the bathroom to change clothes, I took my makeup off and went back into the room to find Harry shirtless, "wow" I said walking  into the room, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a kiss I kissed him back, "i don't know what it is about you, but every time I'm away from you my heart breaks" he said "nawww hazza" I said smiling at the ground I climed into bed Harry followed "I love you" he whisperd in my ear "I love you too" i responded, I kissed him long and pationitly, I slowly fell asleep.
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