Maybe Someday

Miley Burrows was an average One Direction fan till she meets up with the boys and her whole world gets turned upside down and inside out.


4. Our day out

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs, "Harry...Harry" I said as I shook him "do you smell that?" he asked "mmm... What's that smell?" he asked "it smells like bacon and eggs" I said "mmm yeah"he said as he grabbed me around the waste and kissed me on the lips "Harry come on" I said pulling his arm we walked to the kitchen to see Niall and Lola sitting at the table with bacon, eggs and mushrooms, "sleep well?" asked Niall  "yep" I said "Niall where did you get this" asked Harry "one word Room Service" he said "okay" he said. Me and Harry got ready for our day out and then we packed some food, "come on" he said grabbing for my hand, "ok" I said, we walked down to the parking lot and got into the car, we drove to a mountain where there was a beautiful waterfall and a lake, "like it?" asked Harry "like it, I love it" I said "what are we doing?" I asked "we are having a picnic" he said "nawwww how romantic" I said as I kissed him on the cheek, he unpacked the stuff and put a blanket down, he fed me some strawberries and i fed him a sandwich, then we lyed on the blanket looking at the clouds, "wanna go on an adventure?" he asked "okay where are we going Captain Hazza" I asked " just follow me" I said "ok" I replied. We walked down to the waterfall and he dove right in, "Harry, I'm scared of heights" I said as I stood back from the edge, " just, trust me ull be fine" he said, "no I can't do it" I said he climed  out and grabbed me by the waist"I can't do it" I said "yes....yes you can I believe on you" he said and with that we were falling straight into the waterfall, when we landed he was still holding onto my waist, "I love you" I said "I love you" he said as he leaned into kiss me on the lips, we swam around till we got tired when we got out we were soaking wet so we used the blanket as a towel. Hazza took his shirt off and so did I, we were so wet, "maybe the sun will dry us off" I said as I hugged him "yeah" he said, all of a sudden it started raining, the rain started getting harder and harder, "you know what I've alwase wanted to do?" I asked "what?" he said "kiss in the rain" , "realy?, me too" he said as he leaned in, we kissed till we had to come up for air it was the most amazing kiss ever, I kissed him again and again and again, we ended up on the ground, then sun came. Harry got up and pulled me up by the waste, we both put our soaking wet shirts back on and got into the car.
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