Maybe Someday

Miley Burrows was an average One Direction fan till she meets up with the boys and her whole world gets turned upside down and inside out.


2. i like you


"you like her, Harry" said Zayn "maybe" he said with a smile "you do" said Zayn and Niall. "ok, I do" said Harry embarrassed. "well, she is sorta cute" said Louis "hey back off Louis" said Harry "I'm just sayin" said Louis.

I walked back to my house and grabbed my homework, "wow from One Direction to homework" I whisperd to myself. I can't believe I just met one direction. I rememberd something, the number! I grabbed my phone and the piece of paper from my pocket, I texted Harry "hi" he didn't reply for a while but that's ok it gave me time to do my homework after I finished my homework and took off my makeup I heard my phone beep "hi" replied Harry, "so.." I texted back. "so...wanna play a game" he texted "sure" I replied "ok, so this is how the game works I'll tell you something about me then you tell me something about you, okay" he texted "ok" I texted back "I'm 18" he texted "my favourite colour is blue" I texted "I'm from Holmes chapel, Cheshire" he texted "I like to play netball" I texted "I like tacos" he texted " I like raspberries" I texted"I like Coldplay" he texted "I luv One Direction" I texted "I have to go" he texted "ok bye" I texted. After dinner I had a shower and got ready for bed. "hey, Miley how did you get One Direction to be your friends" said gorgia "I dunno, they just are I guess" I said "they are coming for dinner tommorrow you can come to if you want?" "oh wow realy Miley thanks" said gorgia as she walked off. I went to bed.


I woke up the next day, "Miley wakey wakey" I Hurd my dad say, "what time is it?" I groaned "7:30am" he answerd I sighed as I woke up "thanks dad" I said, getting out of bed. I walked to the bathroom and had a shower, put on some clothes and grabbed my stuff for tafe. I was just about to leave when I heard my phone beep I grabbed it from my pocket "morning Miley" texted Harry, I replied "morning, what are you up to today" I texted I walked to the mailbox and then heard my phone beep again, "nothing much I'm going to hang out with the boys and stuff and go to yours for dinner" he texted "sounds good to me" I texted "what are you doing today" texted Harry "tafe" I texted "oh" he texted. I walked to tafe and texted Harry "okay, see you tonight Harry" "can't wait" he replied.

After tafe, I walked home, I knocked on the door "hi, da.." I said as I looked up to see Harry. " hi Harry!!" I said excited, i stepped into the house and gave him a hug "aren't you guys suppost to come for dinner?" I asked "yeah, but we got bored so we came over here early" he replied "oh ok cool" I said. 

"if you don't mind I'm gonna have a shower and get ready for dinner" I said "course not love, go get all glammed up" said Zayn. 

I had a shower and picked out a floral dress with nude heels and went out to the lounge room. "WOW, YOU LOOK STUNNIN" said Harry as I walked around the corner, "thanks Harry" I said we all got ready for dinner and hopped in the car, there wasn't enough seets for everyone to fit in so  Harry and me went into a different car. We hopped in the car and Harry turned on the radio, the song was WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL! 

I started singing until I got to Harry's bit, it was to low, Harry started joking around singing realy low on his parts In the song and singing realy high on the others until the song was over. we started talking about primary school, "in primary school everyone used to pick on me and call me names, I don't know why but they just didn't like me, cause I was short and shy" I said wiping a tear from my eye "hey, your beautiful and realy nice, whoever called you names didn't know the real you" he said as he lifted my chin up, he leaned in closer and so did i but we got interrupted by a loud horn behind us, the light had turned green "whoops!!" said Harry as he put his hands back on the wheel. The rest of the car ride was pretty awkward, we didn't talk, we didn't laugh, we just sat there in silence. When we got there zayn and Harry went to the bathroom, "how was the car ride" asked zayn "well we almost kissed" said Harry going red, "almost?" he said "yeah almost we got interrupted by a couple of beeping horns" he said "oh"

 they came back and sat at the table. "Hi there guys, are you ready to order?" asked our waitress, "yes" we all agreed, we all orderd then talked about this week, "Hey Miley, wanna go for a walk?" asked Harry, we walked outside. "so...about before" he said, "it's okay, I get it, you just got caught up in the momment" I said "no, it's not like that" he said looking up into my eyes "I like you" he said reaching for my hand, "I like you too Harry" I replied, he pulled me into his arms, leaned closer and kissed me, it was amazing. We walked back inside hand in hand. Soon our food came, Niall dug right in. "OH MY GOSH THIS BURGER IS AMAZING!!" he exclaimed. after dinner we all went back to my house, and watched Toy Story, I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder. 

I woke up, the boys were still here, I got up off the couch "Harry" I whisperd as I shook him "hey" he said as he looked up and smiled, he stood up and cudeled me, I looked over at Gorgia she was sleeping on Zayns shoulder, "hey, our concert is tommorrow and your coming" Harry said "really, I...I can come to your to your concert" I said excitedly "of course" he said hugging me again

"oh my god I can't wait, can I bring my friend?" I asked "sure, ur getting VIP seets, backstage passes and a kiss from me"  "ooh I like the last one" I said as he pecked me on the cheek. I went into the kitchen and made pancakes, by the time I was finished everyone had woken up, "mmmm yum" said gorgia as she walked into the kitchen, we all had breakfast then boys had to go get ready for the concert tommorrow, I hugged them all and said goodbye. "omg I can't believe we are friends with one direction" she said excitedly "i know right!!" I exclaimed "guess what!!" I said "what?" she replied "Harry invited me to their concert" I said "Realy, Zayn invited me" she said excitedly " it's gonna be blast!!" she said "yeah" I agreed. Dad had gone grocery shopping and Gorgia had to go to work so I decided to invite my friend Lola over and tell her the news, I got out my phone and texted "hey, wanna come over I have big news!!" I texted her, "sure" she replied, I went and changed clothes and put some makeup on. I heard a nock at the door "hi" said Lola as I opened the door, "hey"I replied "so what's the big news?" she asked as she walked inside "well yesterday I met one direction" i said "noway I don't believe you" she said "well Harry texts me" I said passing her my phone "well that could be anyone" she said "well then call him" I said "ok" she said waiting for him to pick up " hi" he said "AAAAAAAAAAA" screamed Lola I grabbed the phone off her "hi Harry" I said "who was that before?" he asked "oh that's Lola" I answerd "Lola?" he said still confused "the girl I'm taking to the concert" I replied "oh ok" he said "I've got to go calm her down" I said "ok bye" he said. "OH MY GOD YOUR FRIENDS WITH ONE DIRECTION" she yelled "yeah, and guess who I'm taking to their concert tommorrow!!" I said loudly "you!!" I said quickly "OH MY GOSH REALY" she said loudly "ok so meet me at my hous at 11:45pm tommorrow amd well go shopping my sister is driving us, we have back stage passes and VIP seets and that night we are goon stay at the same hotel as One Direction, okay?" I said "OH MY GOD REALY, your amazing thank you so much I love you" she said pulling me into a hug. We deicided to go down to the milkshake barn, we got vanila and banana shakes and sat down, "How did this happen?, like how did you meet?" she asked "ok well I was walking home from tafe when I herd a loud pop noise I looked behind me and saw the one direction van, there tyre had popped so we went and asked dad if he could fix it, while he fixed it we came here and they met Gorgia when we were finished here  we went back to the bus and dad had fixed the tyre, then last night we went to dinner and Harry told me he liked me, I told him Iiked him too, after dinner we came home and watched Toy Story when, we all fell asleep, me and Harry woke up first and he gave me tickets and the backstage passes to the concert" I said " wait....wait hold up Harry likes you!!" she said "yeah" I said "are you guys like going out?" she asked "not really its complicated" I answerd "well have you guys like kissed?" she asked "hey I don't kiss and tell, but omg yes" I whisperd "oh my gosh in so excited for you" she said excitedly. After we were done Lola had to go to her brothers football game so we said goodbye. I walked home, when I got tgere dad was home, "Hi Dad I have to ask you something" "ok hon" he said "am I aloud to go to the One Direction concert then stay at a hotel that night?" I asked 


"ok honey" he said "realy, I thought there would be like conditions" I said surprised "well since you mentioned conditions" he said "here we go" I said

"I want you to stay safe, keep your phone on you at all times, you've  got to be home in 4 days and I want you to stay focused on school" he said "ok i promise dad, Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou sooo much" I said hugging him "can I borrow some money?" i asked "fine but only $250" he said. "That's perfect Thankyou" I said hugging him again. I went back to my room and counted the money I had, the $350 I had in my piggy bank plus the $250 dad gave me and the $200 on my credit card is $600 in cash and $200 just incase.

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