I thought it was impossible...

Jessica is the weird girl at school she spends most of her time in the library or working to save up for her and her best friend Brianna who is obsessed with One Direction to go to London! But when that day finally comes something unexpected happens when she runs into a certain famous boy band and takes a liking to Harry! what will happen now that she is involved with five absolutely crazy boys she never thought she cared about?


2. Obsessed

When I got tony room I quickly grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contacts as soon as I found her I tapped the call button quickly so excited I could barely keep myself from screaming loudly
"that's what makes you beautiful" blasted into my ear as I started to talk
"Bree!" I yelled loudly but with no luck she was probably dancing around her room ignoring me on purpous knowing I despise listening to this song. I kept screaming as loud as I possibly could and the song eventually ended.
"what did they say?!?!" she asked excitedly
"Bree did u seriously have to play that and murder my ears?!?!"
"stop whining can u go or not my parents said yes now it's up to yours!!" I could tell she really was excited and it made me smile.r
"of course they said yes we are going to London for the summer! Maybe you will even get to meet that boy band you obsessed with!"
I couldn' exactly make out what she said but it sounded like something similar to I wish but oh well I always knew she had been dreaming of meeting One Direction but she was right that was a one in a million chance! But I didn't really care I wasn't a fan of one direction and never have been but Bree being a mega fan always talked about them! So of course because of her I knew everything about them even though i truly didn't care but oh well this is what I do for my best friend and she always tries to do stuff for me to when she can!
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