I thought it was impossible...

Jessica is the weird girl at school she spends most of her time in the library or working to save up for her and her best friend Brianna who is obsessed with One Direction to go to London! But when that day finally comes something unexpected happens when she runs into a certain famous boy band and takes a liking to Harry! what will happen now that she is involved with five absolutely crazy boys she never thought she cared about?


1. Finally

I just gotten home from work at a diner when my phone vibrated in my pocket
It was a message from my bank. Today was payday and whenever i cashed a new check it would alert me of my new account amount. Me and my best friend Brianna had been saving up our money since second grade always dreaming of going to London together!
I looked down at my phone hopeful because i knew we were getting really close to our goal of us each saving up 5,000 dollars so that we could stay in London for awhile.
The text read " your account now holds 5,032 dollars"
I cheered loudly and quickly scrolled through my contacts reaching Bree's number right as I was about to hit the call button my phone started vibrating "incoming call From:Bree"
I answered and we both simoltaneously screamed into the phone "we did it!" I was so overly excited and I could tell Bree was to! We had been waiting 9 years for this and our dream was coming true!
"finally" I whispered to myself as I heard Bree screaming in the background!
That night I sat down with my parents at the table and told them how long we had been saving up and all of our plans since we were both only juniors in high school we would need our parents approval! They told me they would have to think about it and hour later came into my room to tell me that it was ok that me and Bree stayed in London for the summer as long as we called every night I quickly agreed and ran into my room to call Bree
"this is going to be a great summer" I said to myself
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