Some Things Change... Some Things Don't...

Alexia was a normal girl until she moved to Brighton. She went to the beach and met some really nice boys. In the end there's going to be some messed up stuff happening. This is a drama, a horror, and a fanfiction all together. Be ready.


8. Suicidal Thoughts?

Harry's P.O.V.

I would whisper into Alex's ear every time it looked as if she was gonna fall asleep. "Stop it!" she looked back at me and said with a smile.

With a smirk on my face I would say, "I want you to stay up with me though.." she smiled at me and shook her head as if she said okay. I smiled back at her and kissed the top of her head. Her hair was soft and shiny. Like she had just been to a hair salon and got it colored. All the boys were asleep by the end of the movie and Alex and I got really bored. 

"Wanna do an all nighter?" I asked hopefully. She shook her head no and smiled. "Oh common it'll be fun! I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun. I wanna stay up all night and find my girl and tell her she's the one. Hold on to the feelin and don't let it go. Cause we've got the floor now get out of control. I wanna stay up all night and do it all with you." I begged. Well sang. At first she wasn't going to say yes but I continued to beg until I was on my knees kissing her feet.

"Oh alright alright! I'll stay up with you. Just don't ever kiss my feet again. I think you just discovered a new tickle spot! You tell no one." she said giving me a threatening glare. I threw my hands up in the air like idiots on police shows do when they get caught for something. I looked around trying to fake a nervous glance but it didn't work. We both busted up laughing and went up to her room. She put in our first album 'Up All Night' and we listened to it a we both pranced around her room singing and dancing and laughing like 14 year old girls would do with Justin Bieber. Soon we were both on the floor laughing so hard you couldn't even hear the laugh. I swear I even heard Alex snort a couple times. We were both crying from laughter and soon we died out. Our smiles faded and we were just sitting on the floor looking deep into each other's eyes. Her hair was all in her face so I gently pushed it back behind her left ear but instead of taking my hand away I just put it on her cheek and left it there. She smiled that adorable little smile and looked down while blushing. I slid my hand down under her chin and tilted her head back to the way it was before and I slowly leaned in to kiss her. I don't think she knew what I was doing because she sat there looking wide-eyed at me. Her eyes were gorgeous. The outer-layer is a yellowish-green then changes to a darker green. Then there's blue around the black dot in the middle. They were very pretty. I kept leaning in and pressed my lips gently against hers. Soon enough she was kissing back and we switched positions so that we were laying side by side. She was leaned a little to the left and I laid my upper body against hers. Our lips never parting. I really wished I could live in this moment forever. Soon our lips separated but our noses still touching. She smiled with her eyes. It was cute the way she did it. She slid her hand up my shirt and took it off. I got up and took my pants off to where I was just standing in my underwear. I wasn't planning on doing anything. Actually I was just about to hop in her bed and fall asleep. She got up as well and went to her dresser. I got under the covers on her bed while she got into some shorts and one of my t-shirts. She walked over to me and put her phone on the side stand. She climbed up in bed with me and laid in my arms. She reached over and turned the lamp off. I smiled and kissed her hair. I like how we can lay there. Just lay there. Not talking. Not anything. Just laying. It was nice. I lay there and think about what all has happened in the past year. Meeting the love of my life. Loosing my soon-to-be mother in law and almost loosing my almost brother in law. It was terrifying yet fascinating at the same time. How everything just seemed to happen all in a big rush. 

"I love you." I whispered. I could feel her smile on my chest. 

"I love you too Curly. Always." she said back. I wasn't sure why she said always at the end but I didn't care. She loved me. 

I was just about to change positions but I couldn't move. I then noticed that Alex had her head and hand on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and slowly fell asleep.

Alexia's P.O.V.

I could feel him put his arms around me and pull me closer. I just continued to fake sleep. He then loosened up and his breathing slowed so I could tell that he was asleep. I opened my eyes and sat up in bed trying hard not to wake him up. I grabbed my laptop off of the side of the bed. I walked over to my desk and put it on the top to turn it on. I sat down on my black leather chair and waited for it to load hoping the light of the screen wouldn't wake Harry up. It loaded and I pulled Facebook up. I had like 1,000 friend requests, a whole lot of notifications, and like 60 messages. I went to my messages and looked through them. I didn't open any other than some from my old friends. I replied to them telling them what has happened and everything and I logged off. I went to Twitter and looked at everything. There was so much hate on me. There were Tweets like "@Young_Love_1998 You don't deserve that sexy beast Harry. He can do much better. MUCH." and "@Young_Love_1998 I hate you. You are so ugly. Go kill yourself." and this next one really got to me, "@Young_Love_1998 Your mother deserved to die. Too bad you didn't go along with her." all hell broke loose just then. Then I started to think about it. Maybe I did deserve to die. Maybe those girls were right. Were they? Yes. They are. I slammed my computer shut and ran out of my room not even thinking about Harry. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I knew I wasn't ready to commit suicide but I was close enough. I ran back upstairs and went into the bathroom locking the door behind me. I stripped down until I was completely naked and I turned the shower on. I slowly got into the boiling water and stood there. Thinking about what I was about to do. But who cares? Oh that's right, no one. I looked down to the knife that I was gripping very tight with my right hand. I brought both of my hands up and pressed the knife to my left wrist. I winced at the pain. I dug the knife into my flesh so that I would start bleeding. I was on the floor now crying still carving into my arm. I was spelling something out but I wasn't sure what. I wasn't even sure what I was doing. I heard a knock on the door.

"Are you okay?" I heard the familiar husky voice say. He had just woken up. I could tell.

"Go away. I'm fine." I said back in a somewhat harsh tone.

"I can tell you're not fine. I can hear you crying. Let me in." Harry said.

"No just go away!!" I yelled back. I was still carving into my arm while Harry was outside of the door banging on it.

"Alright that's it." I heard Harry mumble and then there he was standing in the doorway staring at me. He didn't say anything. Just stood there. He looked like he was going to walk away.

"I knew you wouldn't care." I said looking at my arm. It said "Ugly"

He shut the door and ran over to me. He sat next to me with his underwear on in the shower. "Don't you ever think that I don't care. I love you more than life itself. What the hell do you think you're doing?! You are not ugly. You're the most beautiful, most exotic girl I've ever met. I don't want you cutting yourself! Look at this!" he paused to look around to find that he was sitting in my blood. He grabbed his shirt off the floor, that he had left in here earlier when he took a shower. and ripped pieces off of it. He gestured for m arm and I gave it to him. He wrapped my arm up and tied it tight. He moved around me and was sitting behind me. I was laying on the ground so he lifted my head up onto his lap. He was slowly stroking my hair looking down at me. I just kept staring at the door cuddled up into his lap. I didn't even think about how I was naked. The water was still going and we were both soaked. "I love you Alexia. I always will. Don't ever do this to me again. Please? Promise me. Right now." I didn't say anything for awhile. "Promise me!!" he yelled. I jumped from how loud his voice was. "I'm sorry I shouldn't hav-" I didn't let him finish.

"Don't apologize. I promise Harry. I promise. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I continued to say Im sorry into his lap bawling trying to catch my breath. He pulled me up so that I was sitting in his lap facing him.

"Sshh sshh sshh. It's okay. It's okay. Ssshhh. It's alright. Calm down." he pulled my head into his chest and I just cried. "What has gotten into you?" he asked. 

"People..... Hate..... Twitter... Mother..... Die...." I said trying to calm down so I can tell him. He stood up and turned the water off then turned to face me. He pulled me up off the floor and got both me and him a towel to dry ourselves off. We went back to my room and he went to my computer and opened it up to my history and read what I was reading before. 

"That is all fake. Lies. They are fake. Don't believe them. They're all haters. We all have them. I shouldn't have let you got on your computer." he looked back at the screen and went to my account settings. He clicked the 'Deactivate Account' button and erased everything. He then went to my Facebook account and deleted that account too. I just stood and watched. My skin was still hot from the shower and I felt really dizzy. I started to walk to Harry but I couldn't. I felt weird. I was falling. Face forward. I didn't have time to react but luckily Harry did. He caught me and picked me up. He took my to my bed and laid me down. "You need to be as cool a possible." he took the comforter off my bed and put it on the floor so that the only thing that was on my bed was two sheets and my pillows. He grabbed my chair and put a fan on it. He rolled it over to my side of the bed and pointed it on me. He then walked over to my air conditioner and turned it on high. He walked back over to me and stood there. He smiled. I smiled back. He grabbed my towel off of me and threw it on the floor. He undressed and put on clean dry underwear. He jumped in bed and I wrapped myself in his arms. I knew that he wasn't going to go back to sleep at all so I decided I wanted to talk to him about what just happened. 

"They're so mean..." I said.

"I know.." he whispered back.

"I don't know what got into me Harry. I just started to think it we all true. Everything. All of it. I don't know why but I did. And I'm sorry." I explained leaning up to look him in the eyes.

"it's okay Alex. Just as long as you don't ever do it again. I love you too much to loose you." I smiled to myself knowing that he picked me over every other girl. 

"I love you too Curls." he giggled a little before I dozed off. I could tell that he wasn't going to sleep a lot. Even though he knew I wouldn't do it again he was just very cautious of me. And I understood. I would do the same if I was in his position. I don't know what I was thinking! I'm so stupid for ever thinking that I didn't deserve him. He picked me of all girls anyways right? Of course he did. But why? Because he loved me right? Of course. Am I actually doubting him? Thats ridiculous. I shook all my thoughts and drifted to dreamland. 

Harry's P.O.V.

She wasn't fully asleep at first but when I felt her loosen up and her breathing slowed I could tell that she was completely asleep now. I smiled at the way her chest rose and fell every few seconds. I could feel her heartbeat through her back. It was more of a 'thump.. Thump.. Thump.. Thump..' more than a 'thump-thump, thump-thump.' She never told me she had heart murmur. Although she always changed the subject when I mentioned the blotches that are on her shoulders and going down her back. I found myself looking at the white on her shoulders and followed it where it was going. It ran down her arms like trains and went across her chest. Except it didn't run across like a train. It went down and in between and a little on her breasts. You could see where she tries to hide it with makeup. I reached down to her shoulders and wiped the makeup off. She still didn't believe me when I told her she didn't need makeup. It was true though. She didn't. She was beautiful just the way she is and she didn't need to change a thing but yet she didn't believe that. And I don't know why. I tell her all the time. Literally. ALL THE TIME. 

I looked down at her beautiful face. She was so gorgeous. She snorted a little and I tried to hold in all of the laughter. I failed. I busted in fits of laughter trying not to wake Alex up. She shifted in her sleep and I quickly shut up. I looked around her room. I never noticed that her ceiling was zebra print. It was cool. I looked over at her clock on the dresser. 4:45 am. WAY to early. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but all I would see is Alex sitting in the shower naked covered with blood. It was so scary. Even though I know that she wasn't capable of killing herself I was still scared. Just scared of loosing my best friend. 

I thought about my mum. How I miss her so much an how I haven't seen her in a long time. I closed my eyes and imagined her with me. Her and Gemma. I missed them so much. I got my phone out. Knowing that Gemma would be awake since she stays up all night on Saturdays, I texted her. I asked her what her, and mum would be doing for the next week. Within seconds she texted back, 'Hey Little Brother! Actually we aren't doing anything. Why?!' I told her not to tell mom but I was thinking about bringing Alexia, Vlad, and the rest of they boys down for the week. She was excited of course and told me to. I laughed at how excited she gets when she gets to see the boys. I think she had a crush on Niall but I wasn't sure.. I think her and Niall would make a great couple! Hopefully they get some 'bonding' time during that week. 

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Someone was shaking me trying to get me awake. "Harry. Harry.. Curly... Curls... HAROLD EDWARD STYLES GET YOUR BUTT UP!!!!!!!!!!! A GIRL NAMED GEMMA IS ON THE PHONE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!" I heard a familiar sexy voice say. I rolled over to face Alexia on the bed. I smiled at her and kissed her forehead and then took the phone. 

"Hey Gem."

"Hey bro. Are you coming down then? I need to know so I can occupy them and keep them home." 

"Hold on just a sec."


I put my hand over the speaker of the phone. "Hey babe, it's my sister Gemma. Can I talk to her alone? It's something kind of... Personal on her side.. Is that okay?" I said hopefully.

She smiled like I knew she would and said, "Sure! I'll be down in the kitchen." she kissed me and left. I put the phone back to my head.

"Okay, so I am going to bring them down. But DON'T tell mum and don't mention anything to anyone else because I'm not going to tell Alex and Vlad. I'll probably tell the boys though. And hey, I have a question for you." I was going to ask her about Niall.

"Yeah go ahead!" 

"Do you.... Do you like Niall? I mean its okay if you do. But I want you to tell me the truth." 

"A little, yeah. Why? Does he like me?!" 

"Haha calm down I don't know. I'll find out though. I think you two would be a good couple." I smiled at a mental picture in my mind of them being together.

"Okay. Thank you little brother. I love you SOO much." I could tell she was smiling that smile of hers.

"No problem. I love you too. Can't wait to see you!" 

"I can't wait either!"

"Okay well I guess I'll see you in like 4 hours!" 

"Cool! Bye Harry. By the way, I'm impressed by your girlfriend screaming your full name. I didn't know you were that committed." 

"Haha yeah. I'll see ya then. Bye Gem." I hung the phone up and smiled. I took off down stairs. "FAMILY MEETING!!!!! EVERYONE FRONT ROOM IN 5 MINUTES!!!!" I screamed through the house. I went to the kitchen and found Alex. I pulled her in a hug and kissed her. I could feel her smile against my lips. It was cute. We pulled apart and I gabbed a glass and the orange juice. I poured some in my glass and put it back up. I ran to the front room sipping on my juice almost spilling it all over myself. I waited for everyone to get in the room to start. 

"Alright guys, I'm taking you guys somewhere for a week. So Alex, Vlad, go pack for a week. Shorts, shirts, swim suits, stuff like that. K?!" 

"K!" they ran up the stairs and I turned to the boys. 

"We're going to my mum's for a bit. I'm homesick." I felt my cheeks grow red. I smiled and continued, "Since you guys have a flat there in Cheshire then you don't need clothes since there's some already there. But Niall I need to talk to you. So boys, you do whatever and Niall would you come tithe kitchen with me?" I asked while smiling. He nodded and followed.

"What is it Hazza?" his Irish accent said.

"Well I was on the phone with Gemma..." I saw his eye perk up when I said her name. He likes her.

"Yeahhh...." he said urging me to continue. 

"She told me she liked you."

"She did?!" Yep. He definitely  liked her.

"Yeah. Do you like her?" 

"You're kidding right? Of course I do! I always have!" he exclaimed. 

"Ask her out. But beware. You hurt her, I hurt you." I smiled and winked at him.

"Oh look at Hazza playing match maker." 

"You tell anyone I will kill you." I shot him a playful evil glance. Just as I was about to pounce on Niall, Alex walked in. 

"I'm ready!" she said.
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