Some Things Change... Some Things Don't...

Alexia was a normal girl until she moved to Brighton. She went to the beach and met some really nice boys. In the end there's going to be some messed up stuff happening. This is a drama, a horror, and a fanfiction all together. Be ready.


9. Meeting Mum

Harry's P.O.V.

Me, Vlad, Alex, Niall, and Louis got in one car and Liam, and Zayn in another. I drove since I was the only one who knew the way back home. Liam drove in the other car following me. Alex opened up her purse and pulled out a cd and put it in the player. She blasted the music. It was One Direction. How sweet. I looked over to her and smiled. She grabbed my hand and I was driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other intertwined with Alex's hand. She smiled and sang along. We all did actually. Louis was in the back jumping up and down in the seat screaming the song at the top of his lungs. I shook my head and smiled. Alex looked back at Niall and gave him an approving nod. He smiled in return. This was going to be one long drive.


We got about 2 miles away and I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous on how they would like Alex. I'm sure they would but I was still nervous. Niall was super impatient also. He was shaking his leg trying to pass time. I smiled and slowed down a lot. Just to mess with him.

"HARRY HURRY UP I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS CAR!!!!" he tried to beat the music but he failed so I acted as if I didn't hear him. I saw him-in the corner of my eye-move closer to me.

"Go. Faster." he hissed. A cold chill went down my back. Creepy. So I sped up and in almost five minutes we pulled into my driveway. Niall jumped out and like attacked the ground.

"Land! I love you so much!" he kissed the sidewalk and then starting rolling on the grass. Alex walked over to him.

"Niall, stand up. You're acting like a pig." she said. Niall obeyed but when he stood up he snorted like a pig. I chuckled a little and Alex's mouth dropped. But instead of walking away she gave him a playful punch in the stomach. Niall laughed.

"You hit like a girl." uh-oh.

"Do you want me to REALLY hit you?" oh great. 

"Yeah common free punch." Niall you idiot. Alex shook her head and smiled. She drew her fist back and quickly-and hard, very hard-punched him in the stomach. 

"You're lucky I didn't decide to use full force." she smiled down at him.

"That *breath* wasn't *breath* full *breath* force *breath* ?!?!?!" he said in-between breaths. She smiled and shook her head no. I laughed a little and shook my head. I started getting Vlad and Alex's stuff out of the trunk. Vlad came over and got his and I got Alex's.

"Guys... This is where I grew up." Alex and Vlad both looked at the house. "Common. Let's go in." I said. I led them in, motioning  for them to be quiet. "Stay here guys." I whispered. I left them in the kitchen and I went into the living room. I saw mum and Gemma sitting on the couch together. I covered their eyes with my hands. "Guess who?" they jumped up and like climbed over the couch and trampled all over me.

"Harry!" mum said. I laughed.

"I missed you too mum. But I can't forget about my Gemma!" I smiled and hugged Gemma.

"Where are they?" she whispered.

"Kitchen." I whispered back. "Hey I'm gonna go get something from the kitchen. I'll be back in a second." I said aloud and gave my mum a kiss on the cheek. I walked to the kitchen. "Follow behind me and be quiet." I said to Alex, Vlad, and the boys. I led them to the living room and told them to stay in the hall for a second. "Mum, Gem, I'd like you to meet some people. Guys come on out." I said. Alexia walked out followed by Vlad, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. 

"MUM!!" Louis ran around them and have my mum a hug. She smiled.

"Well there's my little carrot." he laughed. I took a deep breath.

"Mum this is Alexia. My girlfriend. And her brother, Vlad." I said praying that she would like them. She smiled. Thank goodness..

"Hello Alexia. Hello Vlad. It's very nice to meet you!" she said. 

"It's nice to meet you too..." she didn't know my mum's name.

"Anne. Unless you want to be like Lou and call me mum." she laughed. Alex laughed a little but not much. I could tell it hurt. Maybe being around a mum-like figure would help her. Mum hugged Alex and then hugged Vlad. 

"I'll show them around mum. But first," I turned to Gemma, "I need to talk to you." I smiled. I took Gemma to the side, "He does like you. He might ask you out. So be ready." she smiled.

"I will." she had the Styles family smile on. That's how I knew she really liked him.

Alexia's P.O.V.

When Harry introduced me to Anne and Gemma I was SO nervous.. I didn't think he would introduce me to them that fast! It was just like BAM! 

Harry came back into the room and led us around the house. His house was pretty big. Not too big. But big enough. There were 8 rooms. I'm guessing one for each boy plus Anne and Gemma and a guest room. There were 3 levels and one bathroom each. On the first level was Gemma and Anne's rooms. The second had 3 rooms. The guest room, Niall, and Liam's. The third had 3. Harry's Louis' and Zayn's. There was also a kitchen. I went to the room that had the name 'Harry' on it and opened the door. His room was big. But not too big. I sat on his bed and soon he followed and sat next to me. 

"So where does your mum work?" I asked out of no where.

"She doesn't have a job." he said back. That confused me.

"Then how does she afford this big house..?" I said very slow-like. He laughed.

"I payed for it. I don't like my mum having to go to work and get so worn out all the time so she goes to help out every so often at the local school here. She doesn't get payed but she doesn't mind. She likes helping." I shook my head in understand-meant. I don't even think that's a word.. "Gemma and Niall have crushes on each other." he seemed to burst with excitement.

"AWH!! That's adorable! Maybe they'll get together this week!" I said back instantly sprouting into a smile. 

"Hopefully." he smiled. I can't take it any longer. I kissed him and held my lips to his. He smiled during the kiss. That was adorable. We pulled apart. "What was that for?" he asked. I smiled again and kissed him once again. This time we slowly fell down onto the bed.

Niall's P.O.V.

When I saw Gemma my heart was in my throat and I had butterflies in my stomach. Just when someone mentioned her name my stomach flopped. I can't believe she actually likes me! I've had a crush on her since like... forever! I walked up to my room in Anne's house and sat down on the bed pulling my phone out. I went to Gemma's number. She was out getting groceries for us boys do I texted her. 'Hey Gem, do you maybe wanna go to dinner tonight with me at 7? At Nando's of course. :) -Nialler' I sent the text before I could rethink it. My mind went crazy with questions until I heard my phone go off. It seemed like everything in the world stopped. My stomach flipped as I picked up my phone. 'Message from-Twitter' Well I just died a little. I looked down once more at my phone. 'Message from-Gemma' there was that feeling again. 'Yeah Niall. Sounds great! See you at home. .xx' the message read. I felt relived this time as I text back. 'Cool. See you in a bit. Lots of Horan Hugs! :)' I could just see her little laugh at my text in my mind. She had the dimples and the eyes like Harry. It was cute how much they look alike. Just as I was about to pick my phone up and tweet something, Louis walked in. He looked upset. 

"Hey lad, what's wrong?" I asked him.

"Eleanor..." he said. 

"What about her...?" I asked hesitantly.

"Get on Twitter. Look at her last tweet." he told me. I obeyed and opened my Twitter app. I pulled up El's Twitter and there it was. 'I don't think I can do this anymore. I think it's time to call it quits...' it read. Oh no. 

"D-did you call her or anything?" I asked him knowing the answer.

"Yes..." he said, somewhat faint. "I called her and she told me that she doesn't want to see me anymore and also that she doesn't think that remaining friends will work." he said. His eyes were filling with tears. I took that as my cue. I jumped up and quickly wrapped my arms around him. 

"Please don't cry Lou. I hate it when you cry. I hate seeing that pain in your eyes. It's terrible. It doesn't just hurt you.. It hurts me as well.. Bro, don't worry. Everything happens for a reason. Just remember that Vlad, Ally, Hazza, Zayn, Liam, and I love you very much. Don't ever forget that ok?" I told him. He nodded. I gave him a little squeeze before I pulled away from the hug. I gave him a half smile and he walked out the door leaving me and my thoughts alone.

Harry's P.O.V.

I stood up and pulled my shirt back on. Alex did the same as she smiled at me. Just as soon as she and I got all our clothes on I heard a knock on my door. I looked at Alex and she nodded walking into the bathroom that was connected to my room.

"Come in!" I yelled. Louis walked in. He looked very upset. Alex walked out of the bathroom then. 

"What's wrong?" Alex asked Louis. I guess she could read him better than I could because right as she said that he fell on the ground crying. Alex and I both dashed over to him and I let Alex wrap him in her arms. "Sshh Louis. It's okay. What happened?" she asked him.

"El-Elea-Eleanor.. Sh-she b-broke up with m-me.." he said huffing. 

"Oh God.." I said covering my mouth. 

"I'm so sorry Lou. It's gonna be okay. Don't worry. Everything happens for a reason. Its going to be alright." Alex said rocking him back and forth. She would be a good mother one day.

Louis' P.O.V.

When Ally was holding me that close to her I felt something.. Something.. Big.. Unusual.. Something that I usually felt with Eleanor.... What's happening? 
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