Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


2. Up and away

I had everything packed and ready to go. I spent the night with Kate so that it was easier for her parents to just drop us off at the airport.
I was excited to finally be parent free for a full week. But half that week would be The One Direction Up All Night concert.
See what it is, is a concert on concert night. Then One Direction is going to be doing other things this week. Like each group member takes a fan out on a date. And then the next day a lucky fan gets this or that. And a lot of One Direction things are given out.
It's supposed to be HUGE.
But I also took the time to schedule dinner, and tours fir me and Kat. And we would hit up a couple of partys and live it up.
It was going to be great!
" Lets go". I heard Kat say from down stairs.
I put my phone in my pocket after conferming the dinner plans.
Kat and her parents did not know of my plans and they didn't need to know.
Kat would find out soon enough.
Did I tell you planes make me nevrous?
Well they do. So when we got off the plane I did the best thing in the world and that was breathe.
We got in a cab and went to the hotel. Everything was classy and well put together.
I'm guessing because te white house was around the block.
It would be tragic if the president found out that the blue didn't match the drapes.
We pounced on the bed tired.
" Okay we can get a 6 hour nap and then we have to get up and be at the concert before 9". I just listened I was way to bummed to not agree with her. So I just nodded and curled up in bed.
She set the Alarm and got in bed as well.
I thought everything was going to go as planned. Everything would go great.
And I can't say things didn't turn out great, they did.
But the end.
Well the end is the saddest part.
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