Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


4. The game plan!

Harry bust out laughing.
I turned an glared at him. I didn't know what he found so funny. "What do you find so funny?". I barked at him. " You kidnapped us, your going to prison!". He burst out laughing again.
I elbowed him in the rib.
"Owww, you heart my heart". He rubbed his ribs.
"What heart!". I cursed at him.
He looked hurt but only for a minute.
"Look we need to figure this out". Liam said. " Clamly". I nodded. " Look where do you want to go I can't just keep driving you evrywhere". The cab driver finally spoke up.
I started thinking. "Take us to a none busy park. Somewhere no one else wants to vist".
He nodded. "You got it". I looked at the guys.
"Im sorry". I said. "Me too". It was the first time Kate spoke. "Hoe did this happen?". Louis asked.
Alothough it sound like "How did it hoppen". He has the strongest accent.
" They where spying on us!". Harry blurted out in a laughing way. "NO WE WERENT!". Kate and I both said that at the same time.
The boys all looked at me and Kate like we where crazy. " Thats not what happened". Kate tried to explain.
"Oh really then why where you in our closet?". Harry pointed out. The guys looked at us like we where busted.
" I don't even like you guys". I pointed out. That seemed to hurt them. I suddleny felt really bad.
" Thats not what I ment-". Naill cut me off. "You don't een know us but yet you don't like us?. That's not fair". They all nodded, actully hurt.
" Im sorry. Your right".
I gave them a minute.
" Its okay". Louis finally muttered.
They all agreed.
" Okay. I had to pee so we left the group to find a bathroom and we happened to actully go to your guys dressing room and that's where I peed. When I was done we noticed that it was your dressing room. I heard you guys coming and I freaked so I grabbed Kate and his in the closet. That's when Harry went all sissy and called for you. Five minutes later fan breach and next thing I know I'm sitting on the most nappest haired guys lap".
"Hey!. I'm not nappy headed!". Harry protested. I rolled my eyes.
"But you guys have to believe me!". I pleaded.
They looked at me and then Kate. Her eyes where begging along with mine and I knew once they looke into them they would believe us. Kate was way to sweet to ever be evil.
"I believe you". Liam said looking at me.
" You guys don't have any of our things with you. Plus your pretty cool. I believe you". Zayn added.
" Hey if you gotta go you gotta go! Even if it's a closed bathroom!". Louis joked with me.
"No one this good at heart could ever do something to harm anyone". Naill said that to Kate. Of course. And she blushed and I was happy but also hurt. What about me? I was used to fading behind Kate though so I was sure it would go away.
" Where here". The cab driver annocced. I looked out the window. It was small an old. With two swings and a third being a tire swing. A rusty red slide and faded blue money bars. The sand box had broken borads bu still held sand and look to be stable enough. We all glanced harrys way.
" I believe you". He opened the cab door and slid out. I didn't feel believed.
I payed the taxi driver and asked him not to tell anyone. Before getting out I spoke to the boys.
" Thank you". They all smiled.
"I love you baby!". Harry popped from around the side of the cab and yelle that. I yelled and replied "Im gunna kill you!!". I got out and chased him to the swings.
I ran after him and finally caught him playfully punching him in the arm.
" Oh you hurt my heart". He played.
" Again I ask what heart?". We were huffing and gasping once we reached the other who where hanging out. Liam was in the sand box, Zayn was at the monkey bars, Naill and Kate where at the swings and Louis was at the slide.
I joined Liam.
" Whats next?". Louis asked.
Eveyone had that question.
"I guess go home". No one looked like they wanted to go home.
It took me a minute to think of the perfect plan but I did.
" How about we spend a week out on the town?". I asked not hiding a smile.
But they all looked confused.
" We have this Up all night thing this week. I don't think we can get away". Zayn said.
" Then we don't leave. You guys stay with me and Kate. Don't go. We can tour and party and dine out. Think about it. It's the greatest plan!".
They looked like I was crazy.
"What about our fans? They will be let down". Liam pointed out.
" What about your fans. You guys never do anything for yourself. You can reshedule eveything. This is a once in a life time chance. Think about it no crazy fans no gaurds no flashes of lights. Just normal everyday things".
They thought on it.
" How do we stay out of sight?". Naill asked. " We go undercover". Kate anwsered.
" There right". Harry said pleased.
" Hell yeah I'm right! When do you guys ever do the unexpected?. It's always fans,concerts,fans,interview,photoshoot,fans and you guys go along with it. Like robots! Come on, one week doing what we want how we want. No rehearls no fans nobody telling you you can't do that or this! For once you can be normal for a week". I pleaded with the rest of the guys.
"Im in". Zayn said. Naill followed and so did Louis.
" I don't know, it sounds....... Let's so it! Let's do something crazy and tottaly spur the momment". We all clapped and laughed.
" Picture time!". I hummed. We all gathered around the Sandbox and took a picture.
I sat back down and played with the sand.
"Okay. So how about we go to dinner and then a party?". Eveyone nodded.
Harry took my phone and started typing stuff.
"Hey what are you doing!". I demanded.
"Calm down baby. I'm getting a cab and texting our manger letting er know where not dead. And I have to use your phone because we all left ours in the dressing room you kidnapped us from". He joked with the last part.
I felt something in the sand and picked it up not looking at it.
" you and Liam make funny faces". He said getting ready to take a picture.
I looked down at what was in my hand and jumped up making the most horrible face and throwing it at Liam.
It was cat poop.
And I did all this while Harry took the picture.
This is going to be one crazy week.
Please let me know what you think about it so far in the comments.
If you have a question or want to know something then ask me!! If you want more feel free to ask that too!!! :) thanks soooooo much for everything!!! I <3 U guys!
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