Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


15. The End

Harry goes to vist his family but comes back as promised. Liam and I become great friends he never gets over what we had but soon moves on. Kate and I patch things up and soon our friendship is stronger. It's never the same but it's stronger and better. Naill and Kate are still dating and setting a good example for Harry and I. Our parents decide that we didn't do anything crimanil and allow us to have some freedom and even allow us to contuine dating the boys on the fact that they get to meet the boys. I can't wait! (Scarcasm!!) everything seems to be going great.
But that's not the case. But that's another story.
Surpise!!! I'm turning it into a series.
The first chapther will be posted on this book along with a link to the second.
This next book is REALLY going to test thier friendship and harrys and Kristins dating.
It might not last. Liam might be dating but he loves Kristin and would do ANYTHING for her.
Even take her away.
Well thank you for reading this and supporting me.
Let me know what you look forward to into this book. I'm telling you it's a twist! lol
Bye and Thank you so much. :)
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