Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


3. The concert and the escape

Kate wakes me up and forces me in the shower. She helps me pick out my outfit and that includes little to none clothing. She's not a slit and isn't dressing me up as one but she puts me in a purple cocktail dress with like sparkles or something on it.
On the hanger it looks bad but on me, well I must it it rocked!
My butt look so plump and good, wired to say that but it did. My breast those of a woman and my curves stealing all the spotlight. My haircwas worn down into curls and my eyes where made to pop with a dark purple.
Kate wore a pink stapless dress with a bow to the side. She rocked that look as well. She has something that makes the boys beg just to hear her name. I have what makes the boys want to hook up with me like some common whore or to just glance at and turn away. At least I feel that way.
And I will NOT sell my body. Kate wore her hair like mine bit put on pink eyeshadow.
Okay we looked hot. And it was good to because after the concert we had dinner and then a party. I decided to tell her on our way to the concert.
So when we got in the cab and started there I told her.
" Kat, I wanted to tell you that. I um.... I made dinner plans for us!".
She smiled.
" Thats so sweet! What's the catch?".
She knew me so well. I pretended to be hurt and not know what she was talking about.
" I don't know what your talking about, I just planned a night out with the birthday girl, my bestfriend!".
She laughed.
" Kristin Rose Weathers!". She joked.
" Okay, okay. A party and some tours here and there".
" I can't believe you". She said.
" Hey where here for a week. I want us to see some new things".
"Yeah your right me to".
I laughed at how surpisingly easy that was.
Ten minutes later we where droped off at a large building where music was loudley playing.
It wasent One Direction it was someone else I couldn't make out yet. I'm guessing the opening act.
We payed the driver and made our way to ticket booth. The chanting fans grew louder with each step.
They all chanted someting different.
"HARRY! HARRY!,LIAM!,LIAM!". I think you get the point. We turned in our tickets and began walking inside.
The screams where every where and a lot of girls where crying. Not to late after they came out.
They where cute I would give them that. But I didn't like them. I don't think I ever will.
The concert was over and I was glad. But now was the worst part. We had to meet them. Along with about 20 other screaming fans.
If you had backstage passes you where lead to a side door that lead you backstage. They then stuck us all in a room with a pool table, 3 red couches a vending michene and a radio playing the boys songs.
I knew it would be awhile before they came in so I went to the pool table where a guy joined me.
" Not a fan?". He asked taking a pool stick.
" Not really". He laughed amused.
" Why are you here?". He asked.
" Honestly, to bomb the place". I said jokingly.
Everyone stared at with such hate.
" Im JOKEING!". I yelled.
Then the wispers started.
He laughed.
Minutes later they came in. All the fans tab up to them crying and screaming.
I looked at Kate who I knew should be in the back ground shyly smiling but having the biggest effect on them.
"Vas'happining!". They all yelled.
They got squels in return.
I tryed to go back to my game but I was not as lucky. Harry approuched me.
" Hello beautiful".
I moaned and kept playing.
" Im sorry me and te boys haven't been paying much attention to you, it's a shame really. No one as beautiful as you should ever be left alone".
I kept ingoreing him.
"Whats wrong baby?". He asked me. Again.
Baby?. Baby?. Why was he callin me baby!?.
I slamed my pool stick down.
" Do I look like a baby to you!".I yelled at him.
Kate jumped from around the cornor and pleaded with. With her eyes.
I didn't want to enbrasse he and i didn't want to hurt her. So I painted a smile on my face and said"You kept me waiting". He smiled back.
For the rest of that night I listined to Harry. All he talked about was how beautiful I was and how it was such and honor to be sitting beside me. I wante dyo punch him in the face. It was such bullshit. Couldn't he just be himself.
When our hour was up all the fans hugged them and got kisses an last time pictures. Me and Kate where the last ones to leave. But I had to pee so we wondered away from the group looking for a bathroom.
We found one and we both used it. When we came out we found out it was actully a dressing room. And it belonged to Harry Styles. We heard feet approching and I panicked so I grabbed Kate and hid in the closet.
" That was tha best". Harry said. There accents where annoyingly cute.
" I just love seeing all our cute fans". Niall put in.
" The way they scream our name gives me a rush and makes me want to perform better".
Zayn replied. It sounded like a freaking interview.
" That one fan acted like she hated Harry". Kate glared at.
I rolled my eyes in repsonse.
" And everytime I said sum nice about her she looked like she wanted to punch me". They all laughed but him.
" You should have touched her bum". Louis joked.Or so I hoped.
Kate giggled and I glared at her.
I wish he would have! I would have turned around and really punched him!.
"Or given her a good snoging". Harry said.
Oh I was raged! I wanted to storm out of the closet and snog him with my fist!.
But then our cover would have been blown.
Something was going to blow it anyways.

" Boys! We have a car waiting for you but we need you to stay close and hurry up. There's been a fan breach. The entire west and east wing". I couldn't see who was speaking but it was a woman and I knew she was worried.
And for some reason that brothered me.
"Okay!". They said as they hurried out of the room. As soon as I heard the door click shut I jumped out.
" What do we do?". Kate asked me. Being ran over by fans sounded horrible.
" Lets follow the boys out and then we will run and catch a cab". She nodded.
" But where did they go?". Just as she asked the question Harry came back to grab his phone.
" Hey! What are you doing in here. Mates!!". He yelled.
I grabbe his mouth.
"Shhh, help us get out of here".
But it was to late the other boys where already in here. And behind them where screams of fans.
We couldn't go that way. And that was the way to the to car.
" Follow me if you don't want to die by the hands if a bunch of 12 year olds". I went to the door we entered in and was followed by Kate and the boys.
We had to take many twist and turns because the fans really where everywhere.
Finally I burst threw a dark ally way.
I looked left and right and knew we where not going right. Fans and poparizza where swarming the area.
And they seemed to notice us.
"Come on!". I shouted going left. Ahead was a cab.
When I seen someone heading towards it I shouted " frezze it's the po-lice". That bought us enough time to get in the cab and rush it away.
It was really cramped and we where all tired and breahing hard.
" I have to sit on your lap". I turned towards Harry. A smug grin spread across his handsome face.
" Anything for".
I glared at him. When I got on his lap I made sure to "misplace" my footing an hit his "babys".
"" eveyone laughed.
I was on Harrys lap,Kate on Nialls and Liam on Louis.
" This is bad". I said.
"How?". Niall asked.
" I just kidnapped One Direction".
This is going to be one crazy ride.
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