Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


5. Dinner

1st Day. 11:12
the concert was at 8. The VIP plus was after the concert which ended at 9:45 and then the VIP took place at that time entill 10:35.
And then all hell broke losse.
After the cat poop thing the cab arrived not to long after. We told them to take us to a comstome place. Ten minutes later where at a crossing dressing store.
" I ment somewhere teenagers would buy Halloween outfits not where dudes come to hide there dicks and become chicks". I told the cab driver.
I have nothing aganist cross dressers or anything like that I just don't think the guys need nut cups to hide there packages.
But it was all that we had so we payed the cab driver and hurried into the store.
There were wigs everywhere and well I'm not gunna say everywhere.
I didn't think the guys where going to find anything here but luckly they did.
They grabbed a bunch of stuff and modeled it for us.
" Okay, Liam come out!". I shouted from the couch.
Liam came out in a Nicki Minaj wig and pink tutu dress.
Me and Kate bust out laughing and starte taking pictures. Liam posed for us.
"Next!". Kate shouted as Liam dissapperd back into the dressing room.
Out came Naill. Omg! Naill was wearing a lady gaga dress with a stiff white wig.
" Want your bad romance!". The boys broke out in song. And still me and Kate laughed and took pictures.
"Lets see what ya got Louis". He steped dressed up as Katy Perry.
His outfit was freaking crazy. It ha like a wired butt thong thing you could see his butt.
"Do you wanna see my peacock!! Come on baby let me show you what in hiding underneath".
"Hahahahahaha". Me and Kate broke out into laughs. We laughe so hard we cried.
" Ahhh. Show us what you got Zayn!". Kate playfully ordered.
Zayn steped out wearing a cop out fit. But this cop out fit was a speedo and the top was a bra.
He had a leather hat and wand thing.
"Im the sheriff around these parts". He said.
More laughs.
"Come on nappy show us what your hiding underneath!".
Harry steped out in a cat woman outfit.
"Got milk?". He said it slow and very sexy like.
"Everyone come out". I said.
They all steped out and one glance at eachother and they where on the floor crying.
Louis asked Harry" Do you like white chocolate?".
Harry replied " I like Cholate better but sure!".
Louis said " Do you like your white chocolate with nuts dipped îb sone coco". He started waving his butt at Harry while the rest of us laughed so hard Naill farted.
Which made us laugh more. We settled for something close to Juan Direction. And then me and Kate put on pink and blue wigs.
We looked like a bunch of people from comic-con.
When we got to dinner everyone started at us like freaks. But we didn't care.
We laughed and ate and told crazy stories of our life. Me and Kate where giving One Direction a normal week.
And love was blooming between Kate and Niall. And something was growing between me and Harry.
"Im sorry for being mean at the VIP thing". I took a bite of my food.
"Its okay. A lot of people hate us and then once they get to know us they love us. Or they love us for the wrong reasons".
" Well I love you guys for you. Not what you are or what you have. I". I wasent sayin I liked him like that I was sayin I liked him for him. Not Harry Styles of One Direction.
" Well. That's good. Because I like you too". I blushed a liitle bit.
" So how's highschool?". He ask. That's a subject I dont like talking about.
" Um........ *nevrous giggle* long". I did what I could to pretend it didn't matter.
But he saw through it.
" Whats wrong?". He asked.
"Nothing. *Fake Smile*".
He takes my hand.
" Im here for you". It's hard to turn away. My world suddleny becomes quiet. And the only thing that matters is him.
His eyes. His smile, seeing it again. His heart pressed into mine. His lips coming in for a kiss I know will taste sweet and leave me begging for more.
I look down. Everything becomes to much. I'm not supposed to want this.
About five hours ago I couldn't stand the band. And now I have a cursh on him?
No. This isn't want I want. No.
I pull my hand away and feel the nevres rush back into me.
He frowns.
" Well I think we've had enough food. Let's go to another store and change so we can parrrrty".
Everyone nods in agreement.
As we walk out the door I glance back and find myself locking eyes with Harry.
Which causes me to trip.
I fall backwords and prepare myself for a hard fall but instead I find myself being cradleded.
"I saved you". He wisperes. All I can focus in on is his eyes which leads to his lips.
"You saved me". I reply back.
He leans down and I jump up.
I don't even thank him. I can't. I walk away and begen dialing for a cab.
How can one stupid boy make me feel so specail?
Make me feel loved?

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