Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


13. Day 5 Numbers

When me and Harry get back to the crappy hotel everyone is already awake. Harry and I walk hand in hand to the door.
We come in laughing but our smiles soon faluter.
Everyone is on the beds watching the news.
We come in and listen.
" It has just reported that the band members of One Direction have been brain washed into following Kristin Weathers and Kate Roberts. Kristin Weathers who is believed to be the leader in this tragic crime has made the boys post Twitter updates that we aren't falling for".
They show a tweet.
" Kristin isn't an enemy. She's a friend who has helped us greatley. She would never hurt us- Zayn Malik".
Another tweet.
" Kate and Kristin are amazing people. They have showen us what it's like to normal. Kate is gental and sweet. I like her alot. She wouldn't ever hurt us.- Niall Horan"
I turn to Naill and Kate who are gazing into each other eyes.
" Kristin and Kate kidnapping us? Hardley we went willingly. Kristin and Kate are good hearted people. And it kills me to have everyone spreading rumors. They are our friends. Our BESTfriends. -Louis Tomlison.
The rest are shown.
" I love Kristin. Kates amazing as well both girls are smart, talented and funny. There fans of ours. Not crminals. I love them. -Liam Payne.
" It dosent make sence. How can they do this to us? We can take em. Lol. Both girls are wonderful. Stop hating! love you girls". -Harry Styles.
The tweets are over.
" Are they telling the turth? Only two days ago they ran from the police. If these tweets are real and true then why run. The search contuines".
We turn the tv off.
" Its time to go". I say.
" Where?". Zayn ask.
"Home. We all need to get going".
Kate phone goes off and she walks into the bathroom.
" What about you guys?". Louis ask.
" Im sure our parents have seen the news. We should go as well. Our flights Saturday".
They all say no.
" Come with us. We need to clear things up. Do a couple of interviews with us. Get rid of the bad rumors". Harry said.
It makes sense. Plus I can choose.
Kate comes from in the bathroom.
" My parents are pissed". She says.
They tell her the plan.
As if in a moive my parents call me abd start the rant.
I moan.
"I know, I know. I'm in big trouble".
We pack our things up and get into Gregs cab. 29 minutes later we are sitting on a couch getting a big lecture from One Directions manger.
There parents are okay with it.
How can they not be? Te guys are adults and can do what they want.
Besides they knew all along.
"Do you understand?!". There manger finishes up. We all nod.
"Good because where on in 5". She walks out.
I jump when she slams the door.
Where going to be on Ellen.
Telling everyone our story.
Everyone gets up and goes to get food or makeup and hair.
So that leaves Liam, Harry and I.
They both turn to me.
" What?". I ask innocent.
" Who?". They both ask.
I feel like I'm on the bachrouttle.
" I might not understand you all the time or every second of the day. But I can love you. I will show you what it's Like to be in love. I'll be there forever. Threw everything". Harry states.
" I can be there to protect you. To hold your hand and walk with you. Ill be your punching bag and sholders. I've got you no matter what. I'm yours".
I really to feel like it's the final rose.
I hear " 5,4,3,2,1". And Ellen comes on.
My heart pounds and I have to keep telling myself to breathe.
I've numbered them. And now it's time to choose.
It breaks my heart but I do it anyway.
" Liam". I say.
He jumps up and kisses me.
The tears start streaming when Harry walks out crying.
Liam #1.
Harry #2.
My heart is broken.
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