Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


12. Day 4 The date

I woke up mad at myself. How could I allow myself to fall for someone. I'm not even sure if I love him.
I don't even know who I love. So many questions welling up inside. So many things I don't know but want to.
Today's my date with Harry. And I was actully looking forward to it.
If I didn't like being with Harry then he wasent my number one. And I don't think I'll enjoy this date to much. I roll out of bed and get something to eat. Liam wakes up.
He sits up and looks around. His hair is messly thrown around on his head. He rubs the sleepy out of his eyes and looks at me.
He smiles and I smile back.
I grab a pop tart and walk out. Liam follows me as if on que.
"Where you going?". He ask.
"I need to take a walk". I want to turn away but I don't.
"Is everything okay?". Liam ask me the question even though he already knows the anwser.
I don't try to lie to him.
"No". I say turthfully.
He sighs.
" Tell me".
So I tell him. I tell him everything. How I really feel. That I'm confuses and lost.
I tell him I'm going on the date and I tell him I'm sorry. I tell him I'm stupid and can't stop hurting people. I tell him to leave me alone to never turst me. That I'm a horrible person.
And he? Well he tells me I'm being stupid.
He says he will not leave me. And that I'm just lost and will quickley find my way out.
"I don't want you to go on the date". He says.
"Why?". I ask.
"Because I want you to be with me". As soon as he says the words I know they are true.
But do I want the same thing.
"I have to go". I say.
"No you don't. Just be with me. Harry will understand". He starts.
"Liam I want to go! I want to figure this out. Who I want to be with. I need this!". I feel bad for saying them but I know he needed to hear them.
"Okay. I don't like it but okay".
"Thank you". He kisses me. It's long and caring. He's trying to make me relize he's the one.
When he pulls away he looks for the longing in my eyes. When I don't change my mind he huffs and goes back inside.
I'm so sorry liam.
Harry makes me pack to different outfits. The one I'm wearing now. Which is a plain white tee shirt and then a strapless dress. Do I know where we are going?
Heck no. But I'm actully exticted. But very closed and up tight.
We say goodbye to everyone and get in Gregs cab.
Greg already knows where to go. So he starts he car up and drives off. Harry can tell I'm on edge.
So he dosent try to hold me hand. He only wispers "Dont make up your mind just yet".
His beathe on my ear sends trickles to my neck. My breathe quickens and my heart races.
I nod. He's right. I'm acting as if Liam already hold my heart.
We come to a stop at a place made of the metal stuff you up on top of sheds or barns.
It's made almost like a metal castle. There's haystacks stacked everywhere.
" Do you want our first date to be just like our first kiss?". I ask joking.
He laughs.
" Where going to go paintballing".
"Awesome!". I yell.
It really is. I've wanted to do this for awhile.
He leads me to a place were we get our paint ball guns an gear up.
Some guy gives us tips and stuff like that but I'm trigger happy so I barely listen.
I'm on the other team an harrys on the other.
The guys on my team seem to like me very much. I'm the only girl.
"Lets kick some ass!". I yell.
The bell sounds and we run out shooting.
Ten minutes in and we are losing. We've only got three guys left and they have four.
Both my guys get hit. But they take out the other three as well.
Me and Harry are left.
He calls out my nickname baby. Which he knows I hate.
He thinks he's being sneeky but I can see his shodow. So I creep up behind him and shoot him.
" Whos the baby now". I pretend to blow smoke out of my gun.
He turns around and picks me up on his sholders and starts running.
I bust out laughing.
When he puts me down my team gives me hugs and hands me a trophhy.
I kiss it.
I see a paint bucket and throw it on Harry. I laugh at him.
But I didn't expect him to throw it back on me. He does and it starts a full on paint war.
15 mintues later I'm covered in all different colors of paint. So is he.
Greg decides to take a picture. We have so many.
We hose off and change. Next is dinner.
Because I let down my gaurd I cuddle up next to Harry. And it felt good.
When we arrived my breathe was blown away.
The trees where big and up high.
They where in there autman leaves so every leaf was a brown,orange,red or in between. Mostly red and orange. And it was beautiful.
We walked down a bridge laced with orange leaves on the bottom and white lights wrapped around the rail of the bridge.
After we got off the bridge there was a table with red tulips in the center.
Lanterens where hung from trees and red roses where on the frond as well as the leaves.
Soft music was playing in the background.
"Do you like?". He ask.
I loop my hand in his arm and he gracefully guides us to the small wooden table where he pulls my chair out for me.
I sit in it and he shoves it gentaly forward and takes a seat himself.
"Harry this is amazing". I have no other words.
",waat?". I sturggle with words and he gives me a beautiful grin.
"Your at a lost for words. That's good".
I blush.
Greg comes from around the side and is dressed like a bulter.
"Your wine my fine sir". He says pouring wine in first harrys and then mine.
"Dinner will be done in a few".
He winks at me and walks away.
"Last night you all slept very well so I came here".
My mouth comes open and I quickley close it.
" This is amazing. Thank you. Why?". I ask.
"Because I want to see you smile. I want to see you happy and blush. I think it's cute when you flirt with me and when you trip over your own feel. I can't help but be proud when you get that twinkle in your eyes. Sometimes you laugh so hard you snort. And you hate scary moives but don't say anything because you want to be tuff. You crave cuddling at night but settle for a pillow. I want to see you look at me and say those three little words that make my knees weak. I want to make you feel wanted".
I don't say anything. Instead I lean in and kiss.
This time I don't slap him.
We eat and talk and laugh. He tells me about his life and I tell him about mine.
We dance under the stars and drink wine and share kisses in between. He lays out a blanket and helps me down to the ground.
We lay down under the stars entangled in eachothers arms.
He sings love songs to me an makes both of us giggle.
We play with the stars and soon fall asleep.
Today was the best night of my life.
Too bad day 5 sucks. Because I choose. And it's not who you think it is.
who does she choose?
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