Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


8. Day 3 Suddleny a Nightmare

I'm in the hotel wraped up in my sheets. All the lights are off and the only light is the trickle coming from the crack in the drapes.
Everyone else is asleep but me. Nightmares of last night coming flooding back.
I slap Harry and swim away. I can hear him calling my name. Shouting it really.
But I ingore him and keep swiming away. My arms are sore and my legs feel as if there about to give away.
But I push and push forward as icy tears flood down my face. Once I reached the ground I take off running.
I don't grab my clothes I don't even look back.
Finally I stumble and land on the ground. All I can do is cry.
I might seem stupid but I have really good reasons.
During my cry fight I hear approching foot steps and know that everyone is behind me.
Harrys hands are around me pulling me to feet. I turn around and push him away.
"Leave me alone!". I yell wiping at my tears. Everyone was watching me with close eyes.
" What did I do?!". He yelled back. He didn't understand.
" What did you do, what did you do? You ruined everything!". I yelled back
"How did I ruin everything. All I have ever done is be nice to you treat you right. I like you. I kiss you and you SLAP me!".
" Oh yeah just like you kissed that girl at the party. You don't like me, how could you like
"How could I not like you Kristin?. That girl ment nothing! You tease me and made me think that you liked me. One momment you where wanting to kiss me the next you want to slap me!".
"Because you don't understand,Harry!. And I didn't not tease you!".
" What do I not understand. What I don't understand is why you want me but hate me the next minute! You said yourself you hate us!".
I was burning with anger and hurt. No one understands. Not even Kate.
" I don't hate you I envy you!". We where in eachothers faces yelling.
"Ohhh. I get it because we have fame and money and you don't. Your just like EVERY OTHER GIRL!!".
Those words hurt like knives. I would have perfured him to slap me.
For a minute I'm speehless I just cry and look at him. To see if he really believes it.
"How could you say that?. I envy you because you are loved. ALL of you are!".
I point to everyone. Even Kate.
" Kate everyone loves you. You are beautiful and smart and talented. Boys would kill just to see you smile. But me. God I'm like a piece of meat. Once they have or touch me they don't want me. And you guys! Most of your fans don't even know you and they love you! But me? These same people have known me since Pre-K and can't stand to look at me. So you tell me Harry, how I could expect you to love me or to want to be with me?".
I think my point has gotten across. I'm not teasing Harry I'm running. Running away from love because I'm scared. No one has ever loved me but the same three people.
Kate and my parents.
How would you feel if you felt hated by everyone and then this super stat walks into your life and makes your heart beat faster when you know it's going to break anytime soon.
Harry comes closer but I pull back.
"Im sorry I'm just like every other girl". With that I turn around and walk off.
This has all been to much. I never cry. But look at me.
My feelings for a stupid boy have turned me soft.
I find a tree and climb it. There's a tree turnk that has a strange swoop in the middle and comes back out.
I sit down in it.
I can't cry anymore. And I try. But I've cried so much already my tears have dried up.
I hear crunching leaves and look back and see Liam.
He's climbing the tree and finding his way to me.
"Move over". The words might seem harsh but really there spoken soft and seem postivite.
I move over and allow Liam to take my place.
"Here". He takes off his shirt and I start to protest but HD just shakes his head.
I know it's no use. So I take it and put it on.
"Thank you". I was freazing.
"Come here". He holds his arms open and invites me in.
I get closer to him and allow my head to fall on his chest.
He scoffs and pulls me into his lap and wraps his arms around me.
No words are said and it's perfect.
He dosent try to sooth me he dosent do anything but mumble the words"cry".
As If on que my tears that I couldn't find before start to trickle down.
And liam? Well he just holds me and shares the silence.
That night was one of the worse. But it was coming. I was a ticking time bomb ready to explode.
I hear the tv turn on and realize everyone is up.
I must have slipped back into a small sleep.
The news is on.
I get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I'm still wearing Liams shirt. And I look like crap.
I go back into the room and grab some clothes.
But what I hear on the news causes me to freeze.
" As you may know 3 days ago the hottest British-Irish pop boy band one direction started there Up All Night concert week. Only they only did the concert. Not only are fans dissapointed but some are worried. We have a few witiness saying that the boy band was indeed kindnapped".
I stop breathing.
" Tell us what you saw". A hound mixed woman ask a young blonde fan.
" Well I saw a girl leading them into a taxi and another one followed behind them. We haven't seen them since. She must have done something to them". She starts sobbing.
" Give us One Direction back!". She pleads.
"Another man says he was the taxi driver".
Our first taxi driver comes into focus.
" Yeah there where two girls and the dark haired one seemed to be the leader. She told Harry that she was going to kill him. And she said the words "Ive just kidnapped One Direction. I think she was hurting Harry. He kept say ow and crying out in pain. Let them go!". He cried.
There where pictures of us getting into the first cab.
And then pictures of me and Kate.
"If you see these girls please report them, give One Direction back to us!". It shut off
"Im going to PRISION!". I shout.
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