Stay up all night

Kristin Weathers can't stand One Direction. And she trys everything to advoid anything that has to do with them. But her best friend LOVES them!. So when it's her bestfriends birthday she has no choice but to fly out with her and attend one of there biggest nights.
But when things get mixed up she finds herself touring Wasington Dc with One Direction in the wildest ways and falling head over heels for Harry Styles.


7. Day 2 Everything I wanted

Day 2. Time: Way to damn early to wake up. 5:45
When the alarm buzzed to life everyone moans and trys to ingore it but when Naill says something about getting breakfest most of everyone gets up.
When Louis gets out of bed Zayn steals his spot next to Harry. They refuse to get up.
So we go without them an that's how the planning gets going.
" I love Macdonalds". Louis says eating his biscuts.
"Its Mcdonalds". I protest.
"Macdonalds". He protest back.
"Mcdonalds. Like Mick".
"Macdonalds like Mac".
I roll my eyes defeated.
Then the boys start singing "I love Macdonalds. I love MACdonalds!!!".
And all I can do is sing along and laugh. It's hard not to laugh along. For the first time in years I feel apart of something. And I don't feel judged.
"Its going to be ruff waking the guys up". Naill said eating a second biscut.
" Then why don't we have you guys sing them a wake up song?".
"But I don't have my gutair". I try to ingore how Naill said gutair wrong.
"Lets buy one". So we tell the cab driver to take us to a music store. When I try to but it he tells me it's rude for him to allow me a lady to buy him a genatlmen a gutair.
I just laugh and get back into the car.
Kate and I sneek the boys back up stairs and be super quiet. I get my phone out and start recording.
Naill starts playing.
"Its time to wake up". Louis and Liam softly sing.
" We got Macdonalds....because we couldn't afford any other brand". Me hiding laughs.
(The time to get up video of the boys. Down below.)
Then things start getting really funny when Liam jumps on the bed and Harry hits Louis in the balls and Zayn does the same to Naill.
"Its time to get up!". Harry shouts.
As mad at him a I am I try to ingore it. But he's in his boxers.
So I turn away and bite my lip.
"Why aren't you looking at me?". Ask.
"Get some clothes on". I wisper.
"Im not ashamed of my manhood". He jokes.
"Well I am so get some clothes on".
He scoffs and go's to the bathroom. I was wanting Harry more and more each day. The fire was getting bigger and the urges where starting to get worse.
I can't fall in love with Harry Styles. I can't.
Today we decide to go to a movie theater. The moive is The Lorax. None of us can wait to see it. But first the boys have to call there parents an girlfriends an there manger.
To let them know there not dead. We all agree they get two minutes on the phone each. So that way there parents don't try to talk the boys into leaving.
Even though I doubt te boys want to. Them me and Kate call our parents.
We call a cab and head back to a costume store. Once the
boys dress up me and Kate dress up.
We are all dressed up like clowns.
And I HATE clowns. Bug me and Kate dress up like cute clowns. We have one cute pika dot dresses and we have on a red nose and both pink wigs on.
The boys where just clowns. And I didn't want to go near them.
"I'll hold your hand". Harry wisperes into my ear.
He takes my hand and looks at me. I bite my lip again and look down.
"Please don't turn away from me. I love looking at your eyes". I blush and glance back at him one more time. Then I have to look te other way and tell everyone it's time to go.
But I don't let go of Harrys hand.
It's so wonderful holding his hand.
I love the tingles and the butterflys I get.
When we arrive everyone stares at us. But no one notices the boys. I tell them to act amercain and speak like them.
And then I tell them to not speak at all. Kate painted there faces so noone really can tell who they are.
I get everyones order and we go unto the moive theater. We get seats in the middle.
Naill and Kate sit together and hold hands. They really do like eachother.
I sat by Harry and felt relief. I put one hand into my popcorn bucket and felt the other one being touched.
I looked down at my hand and seen Harrys ontop of mine. For a minute I just stared at it. I felt the warming pressence of the heat between our fingers and welcomed the tingles.
I was getting used to the butterflys. They where becoming more adoring and wanted.
I looked at Harry who was watching me closely with adoring eyes and a loving smile.
I turned towards the moive screen and heard a sigh from Harry.
Through the whole moive he held my hand. An I couldn't focus on te moive. I just thought of his hand on mine and his lips touching mine.
"I want to think you". Harry brought his lips to my ear.
"For what ?". I ask making sure to keep my voice hushed.
"For giving me and the others something normal. We don't to do normal things like things. I haven't been able to sit in a moive like a normal person in a long time. It feels great". He beamed.
"Well maybe one day you can show me the ropes of being an A-lister". We giggled.
When the moive was over I made a very important phone call.
"Hello!. Um yes. I'm going to need you to shut down the Humble Dc moive theater".
"We can't do that, Ma'm".
"Actully you can and you will. Harry Styles,Zayn Malik,Liam Payne,Louis Tomlisons, and Naill Horan want to rent the moive theater out".
" Do you how much that's going to cost".
Money was a problem.We had no accuse to there money.
"How about I throw in 3 signed pictures you having a picture with the band. Think of all the screaming girl fans who will want more then anything to be with you".
There was a long pause.
" Okay". He anwsered.
"We will be waiting in the bathroom. There's the boys and then two girls. Inculding me".
"Got it. I'm assuming you want to keep this sceart".
"If you want to keep your job ten yes".
"Ten minutes".
I hung the phone up.
"Guys let's go to the bathroom". They all paused.
"Okay!". They hopped up and lead the way to the bath room. Wherb they went into tw boys restroom I shoved Kate in and locked the door behind me.
"Ahhh". We all yelled.
"The ladies Lou is not here". Louis said.
" Yeah well I have a surpise for you guys. I'm sorry". They all finished peeing.
"Whats the surpise?". Zayn asked.
"Well I would tell you but then I'd have to kill you". I joked.
About 15 minutes later the guy I was ob the phone with came in.
"Everythings ready".
I noddded and turned towards the guys.
"I think it's time for a little party. I rented the theater out. It's all ours".
Their faces lit up.
" Do you hear that Kevin?. It's all ours". Lou talked to the fake pidgin he bought at the costome store.
We ran out of the theater and ran towards the food. Haha it was alot of fun.
We ran about and chased eachother. Eating and drinking everything,prancing and dancing. It was the most fun I had in years. And we made videos with the boys and the bird Kevin.
All in all it was great.
"GLEE!". I shouted and threw my drink in Harrys face.
"Your soooo getting it now". His accent was oh so charming and sexy.
"Eppp". I screamed as he chased me around the theater.
I ran around the side and hid from him.
When he ran by I grabbed him and laugh at his startled face.
No words where said we just stared into eachothers eyes and all the words that where needed where said.
He leaned in for a kiss and I leaned in as well.
But I spun around and walked off.
Why do I keep running from what I want?
Day 2 12:44 at night
After breakfest we left at ten to go to the costome store and left there at 11.
The movie started at 11:30 and ended at 1:15.
We closed the place down at 1:35. We where here for HOURS!!!
And I still had one more place.
We got another and I gave the driver very detailed directions.
We got there and I could see the surpise on there faces.
I took off towards the lake throwing off my shoes and getting into my bra and underwear.
Everyone got the jest of it and did the same.
We found a tire swing and took turns swinging off.
"Follow me". Harry came up from behind me and took my hand leading me futher into the water. It seemed like he was taking me to the moon.
"Harry, Im scared". I was nevrous. Who knows what lies this deep în the water.
What if we drowned.
My breathe was picking up and m&h heart started beating like crazy.
Harry turned towards me and grabbed me.
He held my waist with his strong, protector hands and i felt safe.
"Its okay, I've got you". He said.
His hair looked different but still sexy.
And his eyes where stealing the beauty of the moonlight.
His sudective smile drew me in and I grew lost in a trace of his lips.
We stoped moving in the perfect place of moonlight. We where in the center of the moonlight.
"Hold me". I trembled. I was still scared.
He came closer and again wraped his arms around me pulling me closer.
Wraping me into his warm embrace.
And then he did what I have wanted him to do forever now. But I would never allow it.
His lips met mine and we kissed.
It was sweet and passionate. Everything I wanted. But I ruined it.
Suddleny I pulled away and slapped him.
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