Cute & Irish

All of Tailyn's dreams are coming true. But will the happiest time of the year brign cheer or disaster for her and the rest of the band.


2. No luck for me

We had walked into another clothing store. El and I broke off from the group to find our stuff.  I found this one three leaf clover necklace. It was supposed to be lucky. I liked for him but I didn’t think it was special enough. El bought Louis a pair of red suspenders sense he broke his at their last performance. She also bought both of them matching Coca-Cola pajamas. I settled on the necklace but I was determined to find him something else too. The line was huge so the others asked what we wanted to eat and left for the food court.

“That’s so cute! He’s going to love it.” Eleanor said examining the necklace.

“I just know he’s going to give me something amazing and I just don’t know.” I said doubtfully

“Calm down Tai, he loves anything you give him. He wears the white high tops you gave him last year almost every day and they still look new.” She smiled

“Easy for you to say, you pick out amazing gifts.” I laughed as it was my turn to check out.

“Is this all?” The clerk asked. I nodded because I knew what she meant but she’s right. Was that really all?   I tend to overthink a lot. I waited for El and called Perrie to see where they were.

“Okay we’ll meet you at the food court. Ryleigh saw a Hot Topic and wanted to stop in really quick so we didn’t get the food yet.” Perrie laughed

“Okay see you soon Perr.”

We ate our food and decided to leave the shopping center.

“Are you okay Tai?” Danielle asked when we pulled out of the parking lot.

“Yeah, I still need to find him something else.”

“Awe, you’ll think of something Tai.” Ryleigh said rubbing my shoulder.

I was dropped off first. When I got home Niall was asleep on the couch. He was wearing a blue sweater and his gray sweatpants. I sat down beside him and ran my fingers through his hair. His beautiful blue eyes opened. He smiled when he saw.

“Hey beautiful.” He sat up

“I just got home.” I stood up and took off my coat and put it on the hanger. I took of my shoes and put them in the shoe rack Niall built.

“I can see that.” He got up and walked over to me. He wrapped me in his arms and gave me a gentle kiss. He looked on the counter and saw the bag that had his present in it. “What’s that?” He smiled still holding me in his arms.

“Something.” I smiled and gave him a kiss.

He smiled and took ahold of my hands and swung them bag and forth. I loved when he did this. It was one of the sweet things he did normal people would look past. “Did you talk to the girls about Christmas?” He asked sweetly in his adorable Irish accent.

“I didn’t why?”

He went back to the couch and dragged me behind him. I sat next to him while he pulled out his phone. “Liam, what are we doing for the holiday?”  He smiled and put his arm around me. I leaned my head on his chest. His heartbeat was calm and steady. I could smell his cologne lingering on him. “Okay, Great! Bye Liam.” He hung up and kissed the top of my head.

“So what’s going on?” I asked sitting up.

“We are all going to his place for the holiday. He’s going to call the boys and tell them.” He smiled Niall was always smiling. That’s one of the things I love about him.

“Sounds good, should I call the girls?” I smiled

“Danielle is on it. Did you eat?” he smiled lifting up his shirt exposing his stomach. “I think it’s hungry.” He smiled at me

“What do you want?” I smiled

“Grilled cheese please.” He smiled like a little three year old

I made him his lunch and took the bag back into our bedroom.  I came out and Niall had demolished the two sandwiches I made him.

“Are you full?” I teased sitting on his lap.

“I should be okay until dinner time.” He kissed my cheek.

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